Proud Sponsors of The Secret Chef

Secret Chef Sponsorship

Prestige Sponsors ITV's 'The Secret Chef'


We're very proud to sponsor 'The Secret Chef' here you'll find all cookware, bakeware & pressure cookers used in the series, this includes our brand new range of cookware, Dura Forge Aluminium and Dura Steel, Stainless Steel.

These 2 new ranges are our toughest cookware collection to date.

The Dura Forge Range - Buy 3 get 10% off & buy 5 get 20% off!

Featuring a cold forged aluminium body that provides strength and thickness where it's needed most.

The 3D steel base is designed to distribute the heat evenly reducing hotspots whilst resisting warping. The Dura Resist anti-scratch non stick surface needs little or no oil for cooking to make your meals healthier.

The Dura Steel Range

The Stainless Steel body promotes durability and strength which will benefit any kitchen. The non stick surface is perfect for easy food release and cleaning.

The structure has been formed in the best way to provide extra capacity which delivers professional performance alongside convenience.

Exclusive Sets!

To celebrate our sponsorship of The Secret Chef on ITV, we have created two exclusive sets from ranges used within the show: The Dura Steel 6 Piece Stainless Steel Pan Set and an Inspire 4 Piece Bakeware Set. You won’t find these fantastic kitchenware sets anywhere else!

Also, if you spend £50 or more you will qualify for free delivery!