Circulon... Cooking solutions by design

Circulon logoCirculon was created in 1985 by Meyer - it is the original hard anodized non-stick cookware. It is a world-renowned brand of gourmet non-stick cookware engineered to make home cooking fast, easy and healthy

When Circulon was first introduced, the non-stick system was so unique in extending the durability of non-stick cookware, it was actually granted a patent. But the innovation didn't stop there. Circulon grew to become the best-selling brand of cookware in the world. Over the years, the brand has pioneered a series of innovative cooking solutions, including:

  • The first hard anodized non-stick cookware
  • The first hard anodized cookware with a color exterior
  • A durable non-stick system on stainless steel
  • The first hard anodized cookware that is completely dishwasher safe
  • The first hard anodized cookware that is suitable for all stovetops (including induction)

 Circulon still stives to provide cooking solutions by design across all products and ranges.

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