Eco Cookware

We're committed to doing our bit to make cooking more green, efficient and sustainable. Our Eco cookware range is the world's friendliest plant-based non-stick pans! The sustainable Eco pans features our unique plant based non-stick inside and out--which is PFOA free and palm oil free.


These sustainable pans are made from recycled materials as well as being recyclable themselves; so better for you, your family and the planet! We've teamed up with TREE AID, so for every Eco pan sold we'll plant a tree.  

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Yes! This eco-friendly cookware is suitable for all hobs, including induction. The stainless steel base ensures food heats up quickly, evenly and without hotspots - no matter your hob.

Yes! Our plant-based non-stick is PFOA and FPOS free. It is also free of palm oil, GMO, nickel and heavy metals. And our tests show it works as well as - if not better than! - conventional non-stick.

Our eco cookware is manufactured in Italy, and is crafted from recycled and recyclable materials.

We are proud to be working with Tree Aid, a registered charity which offers a lasting and powerful solution to the climate crisis and poverty by growing trees, regenerating land and supporting people in the drylands of Africa to transform their lives.

You can learn more about our partnership and the impact Tree Aid is having by visiting our page about Eco Cookware, or heading over to Tree Aid themselves.