Our Product Guarantee Statement

Your item is guaranteed for a period of time, at present our guarantees can range from:

  • Quality Assurance Guarantee
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • 5 Years Guarantee
  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • 15 Years Guarantee
  • 25 Years Guarantee
  • Lifetime Guarantee - this covers 'Limited lifetime guarantee', 'Hastle-free lifetime guarantee' and 'Lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee'. 

Your item is guaranteed from date of purchase - in order to meet the terms of the guarantee your item must be free from defects in materials and workmanship that have occurred under normal household use.

Should you have a problem with your item under the guarantee you should return the item to the retailer from where it was purchased, along with proof of purchase.

If a repair is not possible and a replacement is necessary and the original specification is not available it may be necessary to replace with a product of similar value. Please note that in the case of a pan set purchase only the faulty item will be replaced.

This guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident, misuse, abuse or commercial use. Stains /discolouration / damage from overheating, or discolouration caused by dishwasher use or use of metal utensils are not covered by this guarantee.

Incidental or consequential damages are expressly excluded from this guarantee.

As part of our continuous development programme, Meyer Ltd reserves the right to change the specifications of products described at any time. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

How do I process a product guarantee claim?

If you wish to process a guarantee claim, please contact our Consumer Services team by filling out our contact form.