Ceramic 5" Santoku Knife

SKU: 54601

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Ceramic 5" Santoku Knife

SKU: 54601

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What's in the box

Material Ceramic
Length (Knives) 5"
Colour No Colour

The Prestige ceramic knife range holds many advantages over those made from stainless steel.

With it's name deriving from the Japanese word 'three virtues', the Santoku knife is perfect for general use in the kitchen, including slicing, dicing and chopping. This 5" knife has been constructed to last, being made from one of the hardest materials available, zirconium ceramic, this knife is able to keep it's edge sharper for longer.

Featuring a fluted knife edge that creates tiny air pockets between the blade and the food reduces friction and sticking when slicing, making it easier to slice thinly and evenly. Including a sure, soft grip and protective sleeve means safe storage of this knife for the user.

NB - The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 stipulates that it is prohibited to sell knives to persons under the age of 18, therefore we are unable to sell knives online as we cannot 100% verify our customers ages at the point of purchase)



This Prestige ceramic 5" Santoku knife features:

  • Zirconium ceramic construction - holds a sharper edge for longer
  • Rust free, durable and lightweight
  • No metallic taste or smell and doesn't brown fruit or vegetables
  • Soft grip - ergonomic handle provides a confident, slip free grip
  • Protective blade cover provided for safe storing
Additional Information
Material Ceramic
Length (Knives) 5"
Colour No Colour

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