Bring a little bit of Greek into your Kitchen

By Author Prestige 3rd August 2016 - 0 comments

When we think of Greece, we have fond memories of fun family holidays spent enjoying the sunshine and traditional Greek cuisine.

Sloped buildings surrounded by the clear blue Mediterranean Sea; lounging in the sun with the water at the tips of your toes whilst the kids have fun in the pool... Failing that, add a little bit of Greek into your kitchen without stepping through the front door with some simple Greek recipes.

Not only is Greek food delicious, it can be healthy too - despite its heavy use of olive oil. Roasted vegetables, olives, cheeses and fruits make up some of the healthy balanced staple foods used in Greek food which is a great option for quick hearty but healthy midweek meals for the family.

Steeped in history; Greece is renowned for its cultured cuisine which has evolved over the centuries. Greek food, like many other Mediterranean cuisines, uses an abundance of flavourings in its food. Some of which include oregano, mint, garlic, onion and dill plus herbs such as basil, thyme and fennel seed. Buying these staple flavourings and adding it to any hearty meal will give your dish an added flavour of the Mediterranean.

We understand the pressure you’re under to come up with new foodie ideas and cooking family meals can sometimes take its toll, so if you’re stuck for ideas take some inspiration from the beautiful country of Greece and its flavoursome hearty foods.

We’ve put together some simple Greek recipes you can prepare, batch cook and eat on a few evenings in the week when you’re busy with family life.