Grow Your Own: Courgettes

By Author Prestige 24th March 2016 - 0 comments

Courgettes: our how to grow guide

If you only sow one crop this spring, make it a courgette. They're a doddle to grow - providing you keep them well watered – and they’re very tasty too! The best time to sow the seed is from March to the end of May.

4. Keep your courgette plant well watered and it’s often a good idea to supplement poor soil with some organic fertiliser. The courgettes will be ready when they are 10cm (4”) long – eat fresh for the best flavour.

5. Your plant should continue to yield heavily right up until the first frosts of the autumn.

Our english garden spaghetti is a delicious way to use up your homegrown courgettes. Get the recipe here.