Healthy alternatives to the food your kids love

By Author Prestige 11th November 2016 - 0 comments

Here at Prestige, we understand how hard it can be to get your kids to eat healthy, whilst battling their love for foodie favourites such as chicken nuggets, ice-cream and crisps. Having time to focus on creating healthy recipes can also be daunting for busy families who may not have the time to research and develop alternatives.

We’ve put together a few alternatives to try out perhaps at the weekends when you have more time to get the kids on board. And although the recipes are simple to create, the difficult part is getting your children committed; perhaps requiring a few attempts to get them to try the different tastes.

Superfoods and salads are not the answer. Sticking to what they know and like but cooking up a healthy option is. This could be by replacing sugar based ingredients with yogurt or making savoury foods from scratch so that you know exactly what’s going onto the plate. Here are some simple but effective recipes to try out…