The Best Summer Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

By Author Prestige 20th July 2016 - 0 comments

Mocktail recipes for summer

At the first sign of summer, we’re busy dusting off the BBQ and the mood for outdoor entertaining sets in. Whether it’s family or friends who’ll be joining you in the garden we’re always on the look-out for the latest fun ways to keep your guests happy and refreshed. So why not shake and stir our deliciously fruity mocktail concoctions with our ‘Top 5 Non-alcoholic Drinks Guide’. They make the perfect start to any BBQ, there’s no need for alcohol and they’re packed full of healthy, wholesome fruit too!

With the rise of people giving up the punch, mixologists have had the challenge of splashing the same amount of sparkle into a mocktail without having to add alcohol, and consequently have created some of the most mouth-watering blends of sugar and spice we’ve tasted in a long time. So while the kids are playing in the garden, why not try some of the following refreshing summer thirst-quenchers…

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