Greek Style Nachos

Greek Style Nachos

Why not try this twist on Nachos with our Greek style nacho recipe. Great as a starter or a movie time snack and really quick to make.

Serves 4

Preparation time 15 minutes



1 Spread the tortilla chips over a large platter and set aside.

2 Begin dicing the tomatoes, cucumber and olives and mix together in a mixing bowl until evenly mixed.

3 In a separate bowl, add the Greek yogurt and squeeze the lime juice into it. Shred some fresh mint and mix through the yoghurt, seasoning with salt and pepper.

4 For the guacamole, deseed the avocado and using the Kitchen Hacks avocado set, begin to mash the avocado until a smooth consistency. Add a dash of lime juice to maintain freshness.

5 Once the preparation is completed, begin assembling the nachos. Dollop the Greek yoghurt and guacamole evenly across the nachos (do not drench). Sprinkle the diced ingredients over and garnish with fresh mint.

6 Place the remaining Greek yoghurt and guacamole in small bowls for dipping, and serve.