Save the planet, save the pennies

By Author Prestige 30th March 2016 - 0 comments

Go green in the kitchen in 2016

Prestige has been part of family life for over 75 years. The way we cook and consume food has changed a lot over the years but one thing remains the same; we all want the best for our families.

Being aware of our family’s nutritional needs, we try to find ways of creating our favourite family recipes while reducing both our spending on the ingredients and the footprint we leave on the planet. With the growing environmental concerns facing the world, especially with the historic agreement on climate change in the news recently, never before has our individual carbon footprint been so important.

Giving our families the best only gets better when saving our planet and our pennies with Prestige; and when we’ve finished, then there’s nothing more to do than put our feet up and put on our Prestige eco-kettle.