Prestige non-stick ovenware includes non-stick roaster and rack, traditional roasters, oven trays and pizza trays

Roasting Trays, Pizza Trays & Non-Stick Ovenware

Looking for a new oven tray? Our specialist non-stick ovenware collection makes cooking a breeze. With easy-clean surfaces and exceptional non-stick technologies, stuck-on food slides off with ease. From non-stick roasting trays to perforated pizza trays for the perfect base, you're in the right place.

So, whether it's a hearty Sunday dinner with crispy roast potatoes or your weekly family pizza night, oven cooking and roasting has never been easier. If you'd like to learn more about our fantastic range of non-stick oven trays and baking dishes for ovens, read our handy FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

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Prestige non-stick ovenware includes non-stick roaster and rack, traditional roasters, oven trays and pizza trays

Ovenware FAQs

All of our ovenware dishes are dishwasher-safe. However, to keep your oven baking trays looking pristine, we'd always recommend washing them by hand.

If you cook with your oven tray every day, you'll know just how easy it is for dirt and grime to build up. As tempting as it might be to give it a good scrub with your kitchen utensils, scratching your tray could damage the non-stick and compromise its performance.

The easiest way to clean an oven tray is to make sure that you're using plenty of warm water and mild detergent. We'd suggest washing it after each use - just remember never to use cold water on any still-hot dish, as this could warp the pan in a reaction known as thermal shock.

If you need to clean a burnt oven tray with stubborn, greasy deposits, try to avoid using harsh chemicals. Instead, you could use the following method:

  • Mix a solution of hot water, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar into your dish
  • Leave your oven dish to soak for at least 30 minutes
  • Using a soft scouring sponge, scrub in a circular motion
  • For best results, focus on the worst-affected areas and keep going until they're clear - then move onto the next spot
  • Rinse your tray with clean water and leave it to dry

Made using heavy-gauge carbon steel, our Inpire Non-Stick Roasting Tray & Rack is perfect for cooking a mouth-watering Sunday roast or midweek dinner.

Choosing cookware with a built-in oven tray rack ensures that hot air can reach and circulate beneath your food, perfect for browning and crisping. Whether you're roasting meats, vegetables or a mixture of the two, using a rack will cook food more evenly.

When you need to cook pizza in an oven tray, it's worth making sure that you're using a purpose-built tray. Without designs that promote better airflow to the bottom of your pizza, you can't guarantee a perfectly crispy base.

You can experience the ultimate pizza at home with our Inspire Non-Stick Pizza Tray. This perforated pizza pan measures 37cm wide, boasting our latest non-stick technology to ensure that every pizza you bake lifts off effortlessly - with no mess.

We know that everyone feels differently on the topic of how to cook pizza at home - especially without one of the best outdoor pizza ovens. While some home chefs might prefer to cook pizza in the oven without a tray, we'd always recommend using one of our carbon steel pizza trays.

Yes! All Prestige oven trays come with a guarantee.

If you're looking for a beautiful and sturdy tray, we've teamed up with Nadiya Hussain to bring you an exceptional range of aluminium roasting trays. Along with a 10-year guarantee, these trays benefit from:

  • A durable cast aluminium body that heats quickly and cools evenly
  • Our innovative PFOA-free non-stick coating, inside and out
  • Hob-friendly technology
  • Stylish teal design with matte black interior
  • Easy care, being both dishwasher safe and oven-safe to 200C

At Prestige, we're proud to use innovative technologies in our cookware. We believe that using high-quality cookware is essential for finding confidence in the kitchen - and that every chef deserves a durable oven dish to last through the years.

If you're thinking of replacing your cookware with a new oven tray set from Prestige, you'll benefit from superior performance with our Aerolift range. Our cutting-edge technology features a raised base that not only looks stylish but allows air to flow more evenly, improving heat distribution and browning on your favourite roasted treats.

All new Aerolift trays come complete with effective non-stick coatings, and they're also available in a range of different sizes. Whether it's a deep oven tray or a small oven tray for which you've been looking, you'll find the right one here.

We know that you'll be looking for long-lasting value when you shop for new oven dishes. That's why we make high-quality ovenware to last you through the years - without costing the Earth.

What's more: if you choose three or more oven dishes from our selection, you'll get 15% off with the code OVENBAKE15. Head over to our exclusive Cookware Offers page to discover fantastic deals on products across the entire Prestige collection.

If you have any questions about your order or you'd like to find out more about a specific product, we're always here to help.