Five Healthy Casseroles For Autumn

Five Healthy Casseroles For Autumn

30 September 2020

Don’t let the Autumn chill get you down! Get out the stockpot and treat yourself to one of these healthy seasonal casseroles
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For some, it’s the distinctive scent of pumpkin spice; for others, the first fallen leaf. For us, autumn’s only here when we’ve chopped veg, simmered stock, and made a stew, which is why we’ve picked five healthy, warming casseroles to help you welcome in the darker nights and cosy sofa sessions that the season is all about.


    This recipe teams some seasonal favourites — carrots, parsnips and potatoes — with the Indian tastes of curry powder and fresh coriander to create a warming, rounded flavour. The addition of store cupboard essential red lentils helps keep the family fuller for longer, which is ideal as the colder nights come creeping in. The bright, autumnal colours look gorgeous when brought to the table in our forest green Eco Non-Stick Stock Pot and topped with the recommended dollop of yogurt. We recommend some mango chutney, too.


      Isn’t jackfruit fabulous? If you haven’t tried it yet, you can find it canned in most supermarkets nowadays, and it makes a great topping for nachos or a filler for veggie burgers and sandwiches. This coconutty stew is a perfect example of why vegetarians and vegans love it. It only takes half an hour or so to cook the jackfruit to a wonderful, tender texture in the heavenly fragranced, lightly spiced broth and create a dish the whole family will love.


        A list of stews wouldn’t be complete without the classic French bourguignon. In an eco-friendly move, this one ditches the beef for a delicious mixture of mushrooms. It’s healthier still if you swap out half of the wine for stock and serve with seasonal sweet potato mash and greens.


          The six ingredients in Anna Jones’ ridiculously simple winter vegetable stew are onion, fennel, carrot, squash, thyme and a handful of lentils; as good for you as an autumn dinner gets. Excitingly, Anna offers six ways of changing it up, too. Scatter it with chickpeas, yogurt and nigella seeds for a nod to Indian cooking, for example, or add a swirl of pesto and swap your spoon for chunks of crusty bread, Italian style (we’d add a sprinkle of parmesan, too…).


            Thought you could get through this list of autumn casseroles without seeing a dumpling? You were wrong, of course. This stew by Ruby Tandoh puts a healthy spin on requisite autumn stodge, however, making dumplings from chickpeas (who knew?!). Plus, nothing says autumnal cooking quite like the rich oranges and reds of root veggies, and this recipe is packed with them, as well as a hint of spice from the addition of harissa. You’ll need a deep, lidded pot and a bit of time, but the exciting layers of flavour are well worth the wait.


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