MOT Your Pressure Cooker

MOT Your Pressure Cooker

20 October 2016

Take our quick 'Pressure Cooker MOT' quiz to determine if your pressure cooker needs some TLC.
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Take our quick 'Pressure Cooker MOT' quiz to determine if your pressure cooker needs some TLC.

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Dont Blow a Gasket.

Your gasket needs to be changed once every 12 months. Even if you do not use your pressure cooker regularly, the rubber will perish in storage, causing the gasket to crack and leak.

To change your gasket, simply remove from the inside of the lid and replace with a freshly bought gasket. To maintain your gasket over the 12 months it is in use, remove from the lid after each use, wash with warm water and allow to dry. Lightly oil the gasket with vegetable oil before replacing it back inside the lid.

You can purchase replacement gaskets here. ,

Plugging the gap

The safety plug is located on the top of the pressure cooker lid.

Your safety plug should be replaced every 12 months to ensure optimal use. You can purchase a new safety plug here.

To remove your old safety plug (High Dome):

1. Remove the black washer from the safety plug on the topside of the lid.
2. Pull the old plug inwards from the bottom of the lid.

To replace new safety plug:

1. Remove the black washer from the plug assembly.
2. Insert the new plug from inside the lid.
3. Replace black washer back onto the chimney part of the safety plug, ensuring that the washer is visible on the top of the lid.
4. The flat side of the plug should be on the inside of the lid with the blue washer between it and the lid surface. ,

What is a hold down cup?

A hold down cup is a plastic 'cup' inside which your pressure regulator sits. It has notches to allow your pressure regulator to stay at the correct pressure setting. These can crack and must be replaced in they do so. Some pressure cookers do not have a hold down cup.

How to Remove your Hold Down Cup:

Twist and pull your pressure cooker regulator off. The cup should sit underneath this, pull it out and check for cracks.


Time to vent

What is a vent tube?

Your vent tube is located under the pressure regulator. If you twist and pull your pressure regulator off the pressure cooker, there should be a small tube underneath. Hold the lid up to a light and you should be able to see light through the tube. If you can't, your vent tube is likely blocked with food debris. Got a question about Pressure cookers? Head over to our Facebook or Twitter and ask - we're always happy to help!

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