Ramadan Recipe Inspirations

Ramadan Recipe Inspirations

2 April 2022

Nutritious and filling meals are more important than ever during Ramadan, so we’ve gathered the heartiest and tastiest Iftar recipes to feed the whole family. Made in a flash, these meals are sure to replenish your energy and provide amazing flavours to enjoy after sundown.
Ramadan is a time for those of the Islamic faith to practice self-restraint and shed bad habits. Nutritious and filling meals are important during this time of fasting, to replenish your energy and give you food that is tasty and easy to prepare for the whole family to enjoy.
We have gathered the perfect Iftar dishes, packed full of flavour for the family to delve into after sundown. 

Spinach and Paneer Kati Rolls

Spinach and Paneer Kati Roll

A combination of rich and flavoursome Paneer with light and nutritious spinach, this vegetarian take on Kati Rolls is bound to please the whole family. Crispy rolls oozing with cheese, this moreish meal can be easily added to and adapted so that everyone is satisfied, and the Nadiya Hussain Stackable Pan Set will make cooking it a joy.

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Moroccan Chorba

Moroccan Vegetable Soup

The ultimate comfort food to enjoy during Ramadan, Moroccan Chorba is full of nutritious ingredients to replenish your energy and incredible flavours to savour. Almost completely fat-free, this healthy option is an easy one pot meal, made in an Everyday Pan. A hearty option for the whole family, it can be easily modified to suit everyone's tastes. 

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The whole family will be keen to dig into this middle eastern-inspired Shakshuka dish. A meal you can throw together in under 30 minutes in the Cast Iron Skillet with no compromise on taste. This is a fuss-free recipe with maximum tastiness. Serve with bread and let dinner commence.

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Vermicelli Pudding 

Vermicelli Pudding

Also known as Seviyan, there is no easier or tastier dessert than this Ramadan staple. Quick to prepare with minimal steps, this traditional recipe consists of only a few simple ingredients. Filling for everyone to enjoy, it can be altered easily to include your family's favourite fruits and spices.

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Made quickly or ahead of time, as well as being family-friendly and packed full of your favourite flavours, these recipes are perfect for your Iftar meals. We hope you honour the period as you wish, stay energised, and eat some delicious food. Have a generous Ramadan and a happy Eid.