'Tis the season to get social in the kitchen!

'Tis the season to get social in the kitchen!

23 December 2016

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There’s nothing like great food and home cooking to bring everyone together over the festive period. Whether it’s a Boxing Day brunch, New Years’ Eve lunch or anything in between, a few simple choices can make your festive food a cut above the rest.

The dynamics around the dinner table can greatly improve when eating a family meal together. Children benefit from the ritual of preparing and eating meals together whilst learning about the food and how to cook it. Parents can use the method of table top cooking to teach their children about different types of cooking whilst helping them with safety in the kitchen. If you enjoy cheeses and delicatessen meats and vegetables you're going to love the raclette grill. Simply place your cheese in the mini non-stick pans to heat on the bottom grill, and put your meats/vegetables on the top to grill - once heated to your liking simply enjoy with bread, potatoes or salad.

Children of all ages love having a ‘Raclette Party’! Offer a variety of ingredients to appeal to varying tastes (vegetables, meats, and fruits). Allow each child to make their own unique creation, and help them to discover their inner chef!

Here’s a few examples of raclette appetizers and side dishes to try;


Cheese Toast

Lightly toast slices of French or Italian bread on the grill plate. Place into a raclette dish and sprinkle with white wine. Cover with a slice of cheese and slide the raclette dish under the grill. Cook for 5 to 6 minutes. While the cheese is melting, cook thin slices of bacon or ham, sliced mushrooms, or onion rings on the grill plate. Once the cheese is melted garnish with the prepared grilled items. ,

Grilled Potatoes

Slice small pre-boiled potatoes lengthwise, place in a raclette dish. Cover with a thin layer of cheese (or you can use spices), slide the raclette dish under grill plate until cheese has melted. ,


Grill green or red peppers, mushrooms and onions on the grill top. Place a slice of mozzarella cheese in raclette dish and slide under grill plate until cheese has melted. Place a tortilla on the grill top and fill with grilled vegetables and melted cheese. Fold tortilla over and flip it so both sides are browned. Cut and serve. You can also add your favourite meat and try different types of cheeses. ,From America and Europe to Asia and Africa, table top cooking is a way of life. Gathering around the table with your favourite people is enjoyed with the likes of tapas, fondue, Raclette, hot pot or pupu platters. It may be a retro feast for friends or sharing family favourites, table top cooking has become a true favourite in the family household.

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