Prestige Cookware - the best cookware sets for all hob types including induction.


Pots & Pans, Pan Sets and Cookware from Prestige. For over 80 years Prestige UK has been making everything the family kitchen needs for delicious & easy cooking! From complete Cookware Sets, to Saucepans, Woks, Frying Pans & Casserole Dishes – we’ve got something to suit every busy family’s cooking needs.


Whether you’re making a quick weeknight stir-fry with your housemates or a leisurely family roast, Prestige UK Cookware has easy cleanPFOA-Free Non-Stick and Induction Hob Ready Pots & Pans to make life easier in the kitchen.

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Prestige Cookware - the best cookware sets for all hob types including induction.

Wondering which cookware range is right for you? Confused about what pots & pans you actually need? We've got you covered...

Eco Non-Stick Cookware

We offer two wonderful ranges of earth-friendly non-stick cookware. The first, our Eco Cookware Range, is made with a vegan plant-based non-stick that's free from PFOA and palm oil. Available in green and grey, this range features all the essential pans you'll need for any kitchen and are oven-safe up to 150C.

The second is our range of ceramic non-stick cookware, known as Earth Pan. Manufactured with 88% less CO2 emissions than similar cookware, these stylish pots & pans come with a grey exterior and white interior. Due to the use of recycled plastic in the handles, these pans are not oven-safe -- but they do come with a 5 year guarantee.  

Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel pans have long been a favourite of chefs and home cooks everywhere, because it's a durable material that can stand up to the busiest of kitchens. The Made to Last cookware range includes stainless steel saucepans with built-in straining lids and comfortable silicone handles and the range is completed with a non-stick frying pan and milk pan - for those stickier cooking situations! 

Looking for a tough and durable range of stainless steel pots and pans that are coated in non-stick inside and out? You'll be hard placed to find anything better than our 9X Tougher range. This is a full featured range that comes with all the essential items such as frying pan, saucepan and stockpot... but also more specialised pans like our egg poacher pan

Nadiya Hussain Cookware - including Cast Iron Pans

We're super proud to have collaborated with Nadiya Hussain on a range of cookware. From a stackable space-saving pan set to a long-lasting cast iron casserole dish to a 4 in 1 wok with steamer, this is cookware to bring out your inner-chef. Each item has been personally selected and designed by Nadiya to make cooking easier & fun.

With a mix of cast-iron pans and non-stick pieces, these pans have been lovingly designed to work perfectly in your kitchen and have been built to last. 

ScratchGuard Non-Stick Pans

An oven-safe, dishwasher safe, induction-hob friendly range of pots and pans suitable for every cook! Our ScratchGuard pans feature all the essentials you will need, from a non-stick frying pan to a lightweight casserole dish perfect for one-pot meals!

Oven safe up to 260C, with a hard-wearing anti-scratch non-stick surface, these pots and pans come with a 10 year guarantee and is sure to become the most used pan set in your kitchen! 

Thermo Smart Non-Stick Pans

Never wonder if your pan is up to temperature again! Every pan in this range features a special indicator to let you know when the pan is ready to go. Shop the Thermo Smart range of non-stick cookware. Even better, this is an induction-friendly non-stick cookware range. With all the essential pans, including a grill pan, frying pan and wok. 

The answer to this question depends on what you cook and how many people you're cooking for, what kinds of meals you enjoy making (and eating!) and how much storage you have in your kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen, space is at a premium. We love this stackable and versatile Nadiya Hussain Pan Set. Designed to save space and keep kitchen cupboards tidy, this non-stick pan set features all the essential items you'll need. Perfect for people in house shares or studio flats, students who love to cook, or anyone who values a minimalist kitchen set up!

We also offer a complete New Home Kitchen Starter Kit. With everything you will need, from saucepans to frying pans to storage containers and baking trays, this fantastic pan set will enable you to cook almost any meal you can imagine and is great value. 

Of course, we're famous for our Pressure Cookers, and we'd be amiss not to let you know about this incredible energy and time-saving kitchen appliance. If you've got a bigger family, enjoy batch cooking, or want to quickly cook delicious stews, soups and curries in a fraction of the time, a pressure cooker will become an invaluable addition to your kitchen! 

Great question!

All pots and pans need to be made from a heat-conducting metal at their core. Aluminum and stainless steel are both popular choices for cookware, because they are light and heat up quickly. Any pan can also have a non-stick layer applied.

Aluminum pans tend to be lighter and more affordable, whilst stainless steel pans are more durable and resistant to warping. A stainless steel pan set, looked after properly, can last you a lifetime.

Non-stick pans are incredibly convenient because they allow you to cook with little-to-no oil, and they make it easy to cook foods such as fried eggs and fish, which are famous for sticking! The more layers of non-stick, the longer it will last. There are a number of different non-sticks available, for example our Eco Cookware range features a vegan, plant-based non-stick whilst our Earth Pan range uses a ceramic non-stick. 

We offer a range of both aluminum and stainless steel non-stick pans - you can check the material by clicking on the 'Features and Specifications' tab when looking at any of our pans. 

Almost all of our pans are induction-friendly. If you're not sure, check the 'Features and Specifications' tab on any product to see if the pan is suitable for induction. Shop all our induction pots and pans