Get planting this spring

By Author Prestige 23rd March 2016 - 0 comments

Spring is here; it's time to grow your own!

With spring just beginning, you might want to think about turning a portion of your garden into a fruit and vegetable patch. It won't just look good and keep you busy, it will give you the inspiration for a range of home-cooked meals that will be healthy, organic and they'll give you an excuse to break out your new Prestige pans and bakeware to get really creative.

Of course your garden will look the part with the colourful fruits and vegetables springing from the ground, it will give you a sense of pride and it can even be used as a valuable lesson for the children as it teaches them the basics of horticulture. It can also save you money and you'll get the chance to get the family recipes out to create some true British classics.

Here are just a few suggestions to get you started: