Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

12 February 2023

At Prestige we celebrate mums everyday. We’re thankful for all the hard work they’ve put in, especially through this last chaotic year, so for this Mother’s day we really want to applaud mums everywhere for their heroic efforts.

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We’ve put together our top 10 Mother’s Day gifts to really show how much we appreciate every meal made and every kind word said, and even make up for every big hug we’ve missed out on this year. Find ideas to get the best Mother's Day present this year - doesn't your mum deserve it!

Make her feel special

1. An afternoon tea delivered right to your door. Give a unique gift this Mother’s Day. With many restaurants and tea shops moving into the takeaway world, it’s easy to give mum that special afternoon experience, without even leaving the house. Contact your local cafes to enquire about deliveries.

2. Calming meditation classes. After a chaotic year of working from home, staying away from loved ones, and of course, the dreaded home schooling, we’ve got a perfect way for mums everywhere to unwind. Online meditation classes are now widely available from a local teacher, or you can even buy a subscription to the meditation app Headspace

3. Bouquets direct to the door. Doesn’t every mum deserve to open the door to a big bunch of flowers. Gone are the days where you need to leave the house to find the perfect bunch. In these strange times, you can still pick out a beautiful bouquet worthy of our wonderful mothers and have them delivered direct! Contact your local florist or head to an online delivery company such as Bloom & Wild.


Loving Mum and Mother Earth

4. Mother’s Day lunch all wrapped up. Send mum off to work in style with a special mother’s day lunch, all wrapped up in beautiful eco friendly food wraps and reusable sandwich bags. Not only are you showing your love in food form, you’re also protecting our planet from single-use plastic. Discover your Eco-friendly products here.

5. Sending love to mums and Mother Earth. Last year we launched our Eco-Pan with the world's friendliest non-stick. This year we're going a step further with the Earth Pan, like our Eco pan it's made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials and the handle is even made from recycled plastic bags. The perfect gift for sending love to mother's across the earth, and to our Mother Earth. If we each make small changes in our lives, together we could make a real difference. 

6. Pampering that doesn’t cost the Earth. After the last year of uncertainty, lockdowns and homeschooling, mums everywhere really deserve to be pampered this mother’s day. Our pampering gift suggestion is a shampoo bar. These little eco friendly bars are not only free from plastic, but can be packed glorious scents to make for a sumptuous soak. Now widely available from big supermarkets and pharmacies.

Homemade with love

7. A classic, but not to be forgotten - Breakfast in bed. This simple gesture could mean the world to you mum. With our Thermo Smart cookware range you can take the guess work out of cooking with a heat indicator that turns green when it’s time to cook and made those perfect breakfast eggs for mum, first time! 

8. Show her how much you care with homemade treats. Bake it with love with our nonstick Prestige bakeware. Whether it’s your first attempt at a cupcake, or you’re a Victoria sponge queen, we’ve got you covered. We want you to feel proud presenting your home baked goods to your mum. Try this Jasmine Tea Shortbread to get you started.

9. Simple but effective - Homemade coupons. These can be a sweet and simple way to show your appreciation to your mum. Over the past year you may have missed out on lots of different days out with your mum, or maybe you’re just missing those simple interactions that now seem so important… Well put in in a coupon this Mother’s day and make time for all those important moments you’ve missed over the year.

10. A personalized book, made with love. Create your own personalized book that lists all the reasons you love your mum. Whether you’re an adult looking to treat your mum, or looking for a present from the kids, a LoveBook that’s so personal to mum and all the experiences you’ve shared together is sure to bring a big smile to her face. Create yours online here.


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