5 Foodie Resolutions for a pressure free 2019

5 Foodie Resolutions for a pressure free 2019

9 January 2019

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We’re not the first ones to say it, but we really can’t believe it’s 2019. Where has the past year gone? 2018 started with what felt like endless cold mornings and whines about not going to school, then we blinked, a heatwave happened, Christmas lasted all of about 4 seconds and here we are again! January is the chance for a fresh start, for making things happen and for feeling like it’s Monday, everyday, for the next month and a half. As soon as that clock struck midnight, the only thing on everyone’s mind was resolutions (if you thought we were going to say Prosecco, we’re sorry to disappoint). What are ours? They center on everyone’s favourite thing- food! Here are our top 5 foodie resolutions for 2019.

1) We promise to be more organised!

We’re all guilty of false promises when it comes to food prep and bulk cooking but we promise you, your purse strings will rejoice if you set aside even an hour or two a week to get some lovely lunches well and truly boxed off. With just a few smart tricks and tips like using a Prestige Pressure Cooker to cook in a thrift worthy third of the time or tossing some tasty ingredients into your Prestige Slow Cooker whilst you potter about the house on a Saturday, time IS on your side!,

2) We promise to try a new recipe every week (ok, maybe every second week)...

It’s easy to fall into a parent trap when it comes to cooking. You know, Monday is Spag Bol, Tuesday is curry night, Wednesday is…well, you catch our drift, so this year, we’re travelling to culinary lands far and wide and trying our hand at recipes new and tasty to create some fresh family favourites. Even better? Here’s some tasty inspiration, just for you!,

3) We promise to cut down on food waste!

2019 is going to be the year of waste not want not. From overbuying produce and letting it go decidedly downhill, to mountains of plastics in our recycling, this year we’re saying a long overdue farewell to the forgotten fruits of our labour. We’ll be buying store cupboard items in bulk (hello 3 for 2), only buying fruit and vegetables that are in season (and are therefore cheaper) and if we overbuy fruit or veg, we’ll be chopping up the excess and popping them into little ziplock bags for smoothie mixes to grab and go. Here’s another ice cool hack- slice up your leftover herbs finely, mix your favourites together, section them into ice cube trays, top with olive oil, freeze and et voila- herb mixes ready to throw into any dish, any time!,

4) We promise to get our five a day EVERY day…

We know it, you know it, hell, your corner shop man knows it, but getting those famous five onto your plate and into your belly every day is easier said than done. If a kale smoothie is off the menu, then fear not, we’ve got tricks, tips and equipment that’ll have you feeling more vibrant than any carrot! 🥕Stir up your fries with our rocking woks, griddle your greenery with our griddle pans or go full scale sneaky and bake a little goodness into their favourite treats with the best bakeware around!,

5) Finally, we promise to get even the pickiest of little people trying new flavours...

We all know the exquisite pain of living alongside what appear to be tiny Michelin starred critics. One day bananas are their best friend, the next day? They’ve been ditched faster than their so called playground bestie. So, what to do? Let them try new flavours. Chop their fruit into fun shapes. Give them a little of everything and if they like it, they’ll ask for more. Our favourite trick of all though? Sneaky vegetables. You know what we’re talking about. Here are some veggie packed soup recipes that’ll have them growing faster than any vegetable patch!