5 Foodie Ways to Win Dad’s Heart this Father’s Day!

5 Foodie Ways to Win Dad’s Heart this Father’s Day!

10 June 2019

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To the dads, the stepdads, the adopted dads, the ‘mum’ dads, the foster dads, the grandads and every other kind of Dad in between, this Father’s Day we’re celebrating the main men in our lives and showing our appreciation for the years of shoulders to cry on, the many many lifts and, most of all, the support and love.

So, whether you’re buying for your own dad or treating your parenting partner in crime, we’ve rounded up the perfect gifts for this Father’s Day. Get ready to show a little love via the way we know best - his stomach!

5 Foodie Ways to Win Dad’s Heart this Father’s Day!

1) Because when it boils down to it, nothing is as strong as a Father’s love….

As a little thanks for the many pasta dishes, the potatoes, the steaks and the stews that made up your childhood, why not treat the chef in your life to a new set of pans that are as tough, strong and full of hidden surprises as he is? Best of all, you might get some tasty treats out of it it too. A win win, really. And, if you’re asking Dad, we’d love a good spag bol!


2) Bake (then break) fresh bread together.

Nothing says home comforts quite like your Dad, a pair of slippers and a cuppa with some warm bread cooling on the countertop. Bake some memories together this Father’s Day and show him a little loaf and more importantly, time, with fresh bakeware that the inner baker in him will love. For some bakeware inspiration, check out our selection of loaf tins now.


3) Make Dad’s mornings all the more brew-tiful.

Some of the best memories of all are made over a strong cup of coffee, so treat Dad to mornings that are as full of beans as he is with our 8 Cup Cafetiere.

Maybe just don’t let him have 8 cups, that can’t be good…

Pair with fresh bread (above) and enjoy a catch-up over breakfast too!


4) Sharpen his chef skills with the nicest of knives

They say that a good craftsman never blames his tools, but sharpening up those slicing skills can only be a good thing, right? Why not make a point of including a nice cookbook alongside a brand new set of sharp essentials for the perfect ‘dad care’ parcel?

,5) Because, sometimes, all Dad wants is a perfectly cooked steak.

We all know the drill, we get a glimpse of the sun, a waft of the neighbours’ steak cooking and BBQ Dad is ready, lamb cutlets in one hand, hot dogs in the other.

Play it a little safer and ensure he stays on side with the British summer with our all-weather griddle pans - perfect for breakfasts, dinners and everything in between. Get yours here and get ready to get grilling!

For more information and to shop for Father’s Day now, visit our website.