5 little ways to share the love this February!

5 little ways to share the love this February!

5 February 2019

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Think of February and what’s the first thing that springs to mind? The cold? The dark commute to and from work? Or- love hearts, cheesy songs and everyone on Instagram receiving grand displays of affection that haven’t come knocking at your door since 2005? We feel you. We’re all about the love but this year, we’re focusing on a more authentic ‘let me do something lovely for you without the blessed hashtags and overblown bragging’ kind of love. This February, we’re going back to the basics of the heart and sharing five fun, thoughtful and kinda cute (but inexpensive) ways to share the love and show them you care. Get ready…. 5 little ways to share the love this February!

1) Love begins with family time

Life is busy nowadays and between work, getting the kids to ballet, football, playdates and just about everything in between, spending quality time together as a family is limited to rushed leftovers and stressed out morning routines (do I have you tell you to get up again?). Why not get the whole family together for an afternoon of baking, crafting, a cosy film or even a laid back dinner time that’s packed with love, laughter and everyone's’ comfort food favourites. Now, who’s doing the washing up?,

2) Show your partner in crime a little love too.

It doesn’t take 6ft 2’ teddy bears or sugar rushes to show them you care, small, simple and far less expensive gestures like waking them up with a cup of coffee, breakfast in bed or cooking them their favourite dinner goes a lot further than cheap chocolate (but probably not as far as diamonds, let’s be realistic here). Whisk your way into their good books with this recipe for the perfect crepe treat that’ll ensure they wake up happy. They’re flipping delicious too!,

3) Working 9-5, what a way to making a lovin’

Now, we’re not proposing that you give Tom from IT a dozen roses (no seriously, please don’t do that), but surprising your desk neighbours with a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies? That’ll definitely get their hearts fluttering! Now, who’s a smart cookie?,

4) Love your tribe as you love yourself.

Pal-entines, gal-entines, anti-valentines- whatever you want to call it, the sentiment behind it is so important. Some say that true friends are your real soulmates so show them you care with a Valentine’s brunch that’ll put their partners last minute cards to shame. Think peachy bellinis, a delicious sharing dish like shakshuka, a cheesy fondue and some cheeky sweet treats thrown in too, of course. Cheers to friendship!,

5) Make some time for ‘me’ time.

And we don’t mean in a ‘single, Bridget Jones eating tubs of Ben & Jerry’s and crying on Valentine’s’ kind of way ( although that is both acceptable and admirable, let us just say). No, we were thinking more along the lines of carving out a little ‘you’ time in a world of constant demands and always being ‘on’. Take a morning off, go to your favourite coffee shop, whip up the sambo of your dreams and above all- make some moments that are just for you!