5 Spooktacular Halloween Cookie Decorating Ideas

5 Spooktacular Halloween Cookie Decorating Ideas

19 October 2023

We love Halloween as it’s the perfect opportunity for us to get creative in the kitchen! One of our favourite treats to prepare for hungry Trick or Treaters is cookies. They’re easy to make, quick to bake and just the thing to feed a crowd.
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As the leaves turn crimson and pumpkin-filled porches signal the arrival of autumn, the enchanting spirit of Halloween also begins to stir, inspiring us to get creative in our kitchens. In this spooky season, nothing quite brings warmth and cheer like the aroma of freshly baked cookies wafting through our homes. They're delightfully simple to prepare, speedy to bake, and are the ideal treat to satisfy a horde of hungry Trick or Treaters.

If you're on the hunt for some spooktacular inspiration to elevate your Halloween baking game, you're in luck! We've scoured the (spider's) web to curate a list of the most creative, easy-to-follow Halloween cookie recipes. These ideas are not only deliciously frightful but also engaging enough to involve the little goblins in your family. So, ready your baking sheet, summon your inner pastry chef, and let the magical journey of Halloween baking begin!

  1. Bat and Ghost Halloween Cookies: Unleash your creativity with these adorably eerie chocolate cookies featured in Delicious magazine. You'll need bat or ghost-shaped cookie cutters to achieve the desired shapes. Alternatively, why not tap into your artistic side and create your own paper templates? Just trace the outlines with a sharp knife to bring your homemade Halloween shapes to life. Remember, the trick here is to chill the dough before cutting, ensuring the shapes stay intact while baking.

  2. Halloween Monster Cookies: Let your little monsters join in the fun with these delightful googly-eyed cookies from Cooking With My Kids. They're not only a joy to make but also promise to be the star attraction at any Halloween party. A top decorating tip for these is to use a dab of icing as 'glue' to stick the googly eyes onto the cookies, ensuring they stay in place.

  3. Spider Biscuits: Weave some kitchen magic with these spooky spider biscuits by BBC Good Food. What makes them so wonderful is their simplicity - you don't even need a cookie cutter! Just roll your dough into small balls, press down lightly with a fork for texture, and voila! You've got your spider bodies. Black icing or melted chocolate can be used for drawing the legs and making these biscuits come alive.

  4. Skeleton Gingerbread Men: Prepare for a deliciously ghoulish Halloween with these Skeleton Gingerbread Men from Olive magazine. These aren't your everyday sweet treats - a bit of white icing and edible food colour pens transform them into scrumptious, crunchy skeletons. A handy tip here is to pipe the icing onto the cookies in thin lines to create the 'bone' effect.

  5. Gluten-Free Halloween Emoji Cookies: Crafted by Becky Excell, these super cute Halloween Emoji Cookies are both gluten-free and dairy-free, making them a thoughtful snack choice for Trick or Treaters with food intolerances. To make your emojis pop, use a variety of food colouring in your icing and have fun with different expressions - everything from wide grins to spooky scowls!

Whichever of these spooktacular bakes you decide to conjure up in your cauldron this Halloween, we’d love to see your creations. Don't forget to tag @yourprestigekitchen in any pictures you upload to Instagram! Happy Halloween baking, everyone! Your kitchen is about to become the spookiest (and tastiest) place in town.