Alternative Christmas Dinner Ideas

Alternative Christmas Dinner Ideas

3 December 2019

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What’s Christmas without the turkey? Well, if you’re hosting this year’s yuletide gathering, you may want to surprise your family and guests with something more unusual. Try these alternative Christmas dinner recipes using gammon, lamb and beef for a memorable feast. We promise you won’t miss the turkey!

Coke and Maple Syrup Glazed Gammon

Let your slow cooker do all the hard work and plate up this sweet and salty gammon joint soaked in cola as your Christmas centrepiece. Cooked over six hours, this recipe takes no time to put together, but provides a reward to those who wait. You can even make the gammon two days ahead to guarantee no stress on the day itself.

Keep up the indulgent theme by pairing your cola ham with creamed brussels sprouts topped with crispy pancetta and golden breadcrumbs. Another brilliant alternative side-dish for this recipe is a pile of mini hasselback potatoes covered in garlic. With your Christmas ham being looked after by the trusty slow cooker, you will have time to prepare these crispy spuds.,

Hot Sichuan Pepper Lamb

If you or any of your Christmas dinner guests have been struck by a winter cold, this dish is sure to clear out their sinuses! Fry up the spices in a heavy-bottomed frying pan and fill your home with smells of star anise, spicy Sichuan peppercorns and cumin with this Chinese-inspired lamb dish. Counteract the spice with these sweet and sticky honey roasted sweet potatoes.

For your greens, this cranberry and quinoa pilaf uses plenty of roasted brussels sprouts and uncovers another level of flavour from this Christmas dinner staple.

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Pot Roast Beef

This fast roast beef recipe yields spectacular results, using dark beer and dijon mustard to summon depth of flavour from your meat. With your beef taken care of by your pressure cooker, you can invest your time into creating some spectacular sides to compliment your lunchtime masterpiece. Ditch the gravy granules for this French-inspired Bordelaise sauce which takes gravy to the next level. Infused with shallots and red wine, the richness of this gravy comes from bone marrow broth.

Roast beef needs to be paired with fresh Yorkshire puddings, and you can whip up these simple Yorkshires seasoned with sage and thyme while your beef is resting in foil. Trying something a little different this year? Tag @yourprestigekitchen in your festive foodie pics and share your alternative Christmas dinner ideas!