The best advice is passed down through the generations…

The best advice is passed down through the generations…

29 March 2017

This month we’ve been celebrating Mums everywhere, we’ve had some fantastic responses to our ‘Tag a Hero Mum’ Mother’s Day competition, and we’ve loved hearing how inspired you are by your Mums and female friends and relatives.
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We’ve loved hearing how inspired you are by your Mums and female friends and relatives.

As a family friend in the kitchen for generations, we spend time talking to our Prestige Mums and understanding their challenges as they juggle the work life balance and hectic family life.

Did you know that the average mum spends 40 minutes cooking a night!

A third of average working mums are the main breadwinners for their families!

And the average British mum completes 59 tasks every single school day?

Being a Mum can be a tough job and there’s never enough hours in the day...

However, Mums, Aunties, Nanas and female friends everywhere still find time to talk and give us advice when we need it the most.

We love hearing your own personal experiences and we’ve had some lovely feedback from our Prestige fans so far. Here’s some of our favourites;
  • My Mum always told me to count to three in stressful situations
  • My Nana always warned me – tantrums are unfortunately inevitable
  • My sister taught me if you snack on fruit and vegetables in front of the kids, it will encourage them to eat healthily too
  • My Dad always told me – only pack what you can carry yourself
  • My Mum always told me that I should treat people the way I’d like to be treated
  • My Mum told me I should marry the boy I went to playgroup with because she thought he was a lovely little boy, she was right and thirty years later I did
  • My Grandpa told me to never be afraid to ask for help – especially after having children!
  • The best advice my Mum gave me was don’t try to be something you’re not, just be yourself! ,With all these tips, ideas and advice we couldn’t help but notice that family is the secret ingredient...

Where would we be without all the wise words that have been passed down through the generations by Mums, Dads, grandparents and relatives?

Below are some of the tips we have received;

"To save time and money when baking on a budget cut squares of greaseproof baking paper and use them as cases for muffins or cakes!"

"I use a lot of lemon juice in my cooking, so I buy lemons when they are on offer/reduced, then freeze the juice in ice cube trays. Once frozen I pop the cubes out into zip-lock bags and put them back in the freezer. I find them so handy!"

"Keep a fire extinguisher handy. Especially if you are making dinosaur biscuits"

"I have recently bought a pressure relieving mat for the kitchen. I love cooking but standing still on a solid floor is not good for your joints"