A Blast From Prestige’s Past

A Blast From Prestige’s Past

6 February 2020

Do you still use your gran’s Prestige Pressure Cooker? Perhaps you’re incapable of baking a cake without your Aunty June’s egg whisk, as good now as it was in the 1950s?
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A look at some of our vintage Prestige ads and food trends from the 1950s and 1980s.

A blast from Prestige’s past!

Do you still use your gran’s Prestige Pressure Cooker? Perhaps you’re incapable of baking a cake without your Aunty June’s egg whisk, as good now as it was in the 1950s?

The way we cook has changed greatly over the generations, but our commitment to creating high-quality cookware has always remained the same. Our pressure cookers, cookware and bakeware have been in the nation’s kitchens since 1938 and we think we look pretty good for an 82 year old.

We’re immensely proud of our heritage and love hearing stories from our customers about Prestige products passed down through the generations. So, this month, we thought we’d raid our archives to take a fun look at some vintage Prestige ads from the 1950s and 1980s. Do you remember seeing any of these?,

The 1950s

At the start of the 1950s, many food items in Britain were still rationed. However, as the country emerged from the shadow of World War 2, our palettes became more adventurous. Over the course of the decade, we moved on from Spam Fritters to Coronation Chicken, a combination of cooked chicken, mayonnaise and curry powder which was invented to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953.

Many home cooks also relied on their trusty Prestige pressure cookers. This essential piece of kitchen kit came into its own during the war, as people realised that they could easily cook tough, cheap cuts of meat in a short time using relatively little fuel. Recipes like Lancashire Hotpot and Leek and Potato Soup were as comforting to our grandparents in the 1950s as they are now.

Through it all, we were there to provide a helping hand in our kitchen. While our approach to advertising may have changed (you wouldn’t find a Prestige ad like this anymore!) we still think that a pressure cooker would make a great gift!,

The 1980s

The 1980s was a time of big hair, big shoulder pads and bold flavours. UK consumers were discovering exotic new treats like Vienetta, Potato Waffles and Sun-Dried Tomatoes, novelty came thick and fast with the arrival of the pre-packed sandwich and the rise of both nouvelle cuisine while fast-food chains were offering a wide range of new tastes and flavours from around the globe.

Yet, throughout this turbulent decade, many time-strapped cooks were also still relying on their trusty pressure cookers to create delicious dinners fast. The 1980s was the era where the microwave ruled the kitchen - and our microwave friendly pressure cookers were just the thing to take full advantage of this new technology, as seen with this easy (and tasty!) recipe for Microwave Moroccan Vegetable Casserole.

We love this ad from our archives for our range of - very snazzy - pressure cookers, which come in a wide range of bright colours which we think would still liven up any kitchen. But which one would you choose - blue, orange or silver? Has your pressure cooker stood the test of time? We'd love to see your pictures of your vintage Prestige cookware! Pop over to @yourprestigekitchen and tag us in your photos for a chance for your pictures to be shared on our Instagram grid!