Champagne Poached Peaches

Champagne Poached Peaches

23 March 2017

Champagne Scented Soft White Peach, Northcote Currants, Mascarpone le Cream
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Glazed Peaches

Peach Liqour

Currant Compote


1To prepare the glazed peaches, remove the stone from the peach with an apple corer, cut the peach in half and place onto a tray,Spoon on the honey, pour on the lime juice, and then sprinkle with sugar,Bake in the oven at 180°C for 10 -12 minutes until just cooked. Baste once whilst cooking,Remove from the oven, cool and peel away the skin from the peaches,Pour off the remaining juices, put half of the juices into a pan and reduce by half

2Pour back over the peaches and reserve the other half for the peach liquor

3For the Peach Liqour: mix all together, place in the fridge and keep cold to serve. ,To create the currant compote, boil the water, elderflower and sugar in a pan,Once boiled, pour over the currants and leave to cool,For the mascarpone, beat the mascarpone, lime juice, zest and icing sugar until smooth,Whisk the cream until ribbon stage Gust holds itself,Gently fold the whipping cream into the mascarpone,Finally, to create your dish, placed the glazed peach into the centre of a bowl,Pour over 2 spoonfuls of champagne peach liquor,Scatter the berries around the peach,Garnish with flowers and herbs from the garden (or mint),Spoon the cream "Roche" on the side of the bowl