Christmas Leftover Recipe Ideas

Christmas Leftover Recipe Ideas

6 December 2019

Cooking too much is basically a Christmas tradition, but these ideas will ensure that none of your food ends up in the bin.
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Ideas for how to turn your leftover Christmas turkey, veggies and desserts into brilliant Boxing Day meals. Cooking too much is basically a Christmas tradition, but these ideas will ensure that none of your food ends up in the bin. Get experimental in the kitchen and use leftover festive favourites as a base for adventurous recipes and brilliant boxing day feasts.

Level Up The Christmas Dinner Sandwich

The Christmas dinner sandwich is a leftover staple, so much that many look forward to the late evening sandwich than the meal itself! Introduce more flavours into your christmas dinner sandwich this year by creating a turkey banh mi. This traditional vietname sandwich has fresh and zingy flavours from lime juice and ginger, and will use up your braised red cabbage from the previous day.

For a hot an indulgent sandwich, why not try this turkey croque monsieur, with turkey and cranberry sauce smothered in a stilton sauce made with cheese board ends. Keep sizzling in your frying pan until the cheese is bubbling from the sides. ,

Add A Twist To Your Turkey

Skip the turkey curry and use your remaining white and grey meat in this harissa-spiced Morrocan turkey pie. Topped with crispy filo pastry and packed with aubergines and peppers, this is an ideal Boxing Day main course.

Use up every part of your turkey using this delicious recipe for turkey ramen. Create a light savoury broth by boiling your turkey carcass in a large stockpot and flavour your stock with ginger, miso and fish sauce. Mixed with turkey, fresh vegetables, noodles and topped with a hard boiled egg, this comforting ramen bowl will certainly cure any Christmas food comas.

How to Use Your Leftover Christmas Sides

If you’ve been left with a bit of everything, dish up this classic Christmas leftover bubble and squeak. Mash up your leftover potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sprouts and cabbage and fry up for a simple way to make sure every scrap of your meal gets eaten. Take this recipe a step further, top with a runny fried egg.

Turn your sides into a healthy and mildly spiced parsnip and carrot dahl, which makes the perfect side dish for a turkey curry. ,

Christmas Dessert Leftover Recipes

If you piled on the desserts and sweet treats on Christmas day, chances are you’ve been left with some leftover Christmas pudding or Christmas cake. Mash up your leftovers and mix with chocolate to turn into these cute Christmas pudding truffles. Studded with dried fruits, these won’t last until the end of Boxing day.

Were you gifted a traditional panettone cake this year? Put it to good use by creating a panettone bread and butter pudding flavoured with sweet marsala wine. Arrange the panettone in a casserole or baking tin and set with a mix of cream, eggs, sugar and boozy raisins.