Cinco de Mayo Meal Ideas for Kids

Cinco de Mayo Meal Ideas for Kids

2 May 2019

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The 5th of May is Cinco De Mayo in Mexico! Did you know that Cinco de Mayo marks the anniversary of the Mexican Army beating the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on 5th May 1862? Since then, it’s been a day to celebrate all things Mexican, and that includes the country’s fantastic food. You might need to adapt the level of hot chilli and other spices when you’re introducing kids to Mexican-inspired meals for the first time, but you can still pack your food with flavour. Our non-stick cookware is ideal for cooking Mexican meals for kids, as it means you won’t lose any of those milder flavours to the bottom of your pans, and you’ll be able to create tasty meals all the family will love. Cinco de Mayo Meal Ideas for Kids

Flash-in-the-Pan Fajitas

Fajitas are a good place to start, as you can easily pack them with loads of vegetable goodness and filling protein, and they’re really quick to make.

Our Prism range of cookware is designed to be incredibly fast-heating, making it perfect for whipping up a batch of fajitas in minutes. If you’re not using meat or you’re using ready-cooked chicken or prawns, it’ll be even quicker.

You could use a pre-mixed fajita spice kit to season your meal, or your own homemade mixture of chilli, garlic, basil - whatever you like, really - or you could just leave them plain for little ones, it’s up to you!

Mexican dishes like fajitas and burritos are also a great way to get kids engaged with their food. Put tortillas, fajita filling, rice, cheese, sour cream, sweetcorn and salsa in different bowls on the table and let them make their own wraps. It’s a fact that kids are more likely to eat something if they’ve helped to make it.

Most of our cookware is dishwasher-safe too, including our SafeCook range, which is ideal for busy family life, so it doesn’t matter how many different bits you cook up for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta, as you won’t have to spend hours washing up afterwards.

Hot Pans, Mild Dishes

While you’ll want fast-heating pans, you won’t want to be pouring loads of oil into your kids - you need cookware that get to a high temperature quick but with the minimum amount of oil (if any at all).

That’s exactly what you’ll get with something like our Prism Non-Stick 30cm Frying Pan, which is big enough to fit loads of ingredients in to feed the whole family.

If you want to make a spicy version of a dish for you and a milder version for the kids all at the same time, our Dura Forge Non-Stick Frying Pan Twin Pack would be just the ticket, as it includes one larger pan and one kid-sized pan to save you time and make life easier.

,Fiesta in a Flash

You could also use a pressure cooker to rustle up a Mexican main, like our chicken and chorizo casserole, which would work really well with rice or salad.

Just throw all the ingredients into the pressure cooker and leave it to do the work while you get on with other things - you could even use the time to decorate the table for your Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Go easy on the chilli powder and any chopped jalapenos for little mouths - remember, you can always add more to your portion, but you can’t take away any spice from theirs!

For fast-heating, non-stick cookware that’s perfect for every occasion, explore the full Prestige collection here.