Cooking Up 40,000 Trees With TREE AID

Cooking Up 40,000 Trees With TREE AID

18 May 2021

An update on the work Prestige has been doing with TREE AID and our one pan = one tree initiative.
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Everyone has their favorite pan. Whether it’s a veggie paella or a proper fry-up, we all know which pan cooks best in our kitchens. But how many of us stop to consider the impact our kitchen equipment has on the world around us?


Prestige have been supporting TREE AID since December 2019. In 2020, we launched our Eco Pan range, featuring a plant-based non-stick that doesn’t cost the Earth. However, we felt that it wasn’t enough to develop the world’s friendliest plant-based, non-stick cookware – we wanted to do more.

To show our commitment to creating the most eco-friendly cookware on the market, for each Eco Pan item we sell, we help TREE AID plant a tree in Africa.

Thanks to our amazing Prestige consumers, our One Pan = One Tree initiative, has raised enough money to help TREE AID plant 40,000 trees across the drylands of Africa.

What will planting 40,000 trees help to achieve?

The communities TREE AID work with rely on the land for 77% of their earnings, and the majority of their food. A dry period or a bad harvest can have devastating effects. Before joining our projects, people often report 2-3 months per year of food insecurity, meaning cutting down to just one meal per day. Trees directly enhance soil quality, provide natural flood defenses, and increase biodiversity, but it’s their role in growing sustainable livelihoods that really matters to communities.


Prestige is working with TREE AID to transform lives. Planting just 5,600 fruit trees last year helped to support 354 households in Ethiopia, tackling food insecurity with mangos and papayas. Through sales of non-timber forest products such as shea butter, members of TREE AID’s Village Tree Enterprises (VTEs) in Burkina Faso more than doubled their annual income, from an average of $17.81 to $39.07. In total, VTEs are generating an estimated £1.3million in revenue for local communities across their projects.


Through your help and our one Our Pan = One Tree initiative, we’re helping TREE AID plant even more trees. This can help TREE AID reach more households, helping them to increase their income and help their local communities.


From reducing pollution and deforestation with fuel-efficient stoves in Burkina Faso, to developing effective firewood management policies in Ghana, TREE AID’s holistic approach is essential to tackling the climate crisis. By partnering with them, Prestige, supporting their goal of planting 8 million trees and supporting 2.5 million people in 5 years.


However, our work isn’t finished. You can still help TREE AID by purchasing an item from our Eco Pan range, helping them to achieve even more through planting trees across the African continent and transforming people’s lives for the better.


The Eco Pan range is available for purchase here at Prestige and in branches of Dunelm

Together, we can all help to save our planet, one pan at a time.


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