Five Easy Rice Recipes

Five Easy Rice Recipes

9 April 2020

From creamy risottos to fantastic fried rice ‘fakeaways,’ we’ve found five easy family-friendly rice recipes which are sure to please the whole family
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From creamy risottos to fantastic fried rice ‘fakeaways,’ we’ve found five easy family-friendly rice recipes which are sure to please the whole family. We’ve all been there. You’re looking at that gigantic bag of rice you bought the last time you were in the supermarket, ‘just in case,’ and now you’re wondering what you can make with it. After all, there’s only so many times you can have rice for dinner before the family gets bored of it, right?

Thankfully, one pot of rice can create a hundred different family friendly meals - from creamy risottos to fantastic fried rice ‘fakeaways’. We’ve found five different recipes which are sure to please even the pickiest palettes. So, put rice back on the menu tonight. The only limit to a delicious dinner is your imagination - and what you have in your store cupboards!

Easy peasy rice recipes

Just saying ‘Sunshine Rice’ brings a smile to our face, so we can only imagine how wonderful this recipe from food blogger Eat Like a Girl would be to eat. It’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s spicy and it’s topped with a fried egg (because everything is better when it has an egg on top.) The addition of turmeric - a spice known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties - gives it a nice, healthy twist. Make this for brunch. And then make seconds. ,We love an easy one-pot recipe and Lost in Food’s Chicken Pilaf is the perfect thing to tickle our tastebuds. First, you marinade some chicken breasts in a tangy yoghurt marinade overnight before grilling them and adding them - and a variety of toasted nuts - to saffron scented rice. Toasting the nuts in a frying pan first helps them to develop a delicious depth of flavour. This would make a great side dish for any Sunday lunch.

There are few more comforting dishes than risotto - there’s something very soothing about all that stirring! If you’re seeking comfort (as well as a healthy dose of spice) for dinner tonight, try our Butternut Squash and Chilli Risotto. The squash adds a nice touch of sweetness while the chilli gives it a bit of a kick, ensuring clean plates all round. You can substitute the chilli for garlic and rosemary if you’re making this for little ones!

Treat yourself to a ‘fakeaway’ this weekend

Craving a Chinese takeaway but trying to save your pennies? Try a ‘fakeaway’ instead. Making your own means you get to decide what is - and isn’t - included and is a great way to get the family involved in the kitchen too. Pinch of Nom’s recipe for Fakeaway Fried Rice is quick, easy and packed full of flavour (and veggies, too!) All you need is a wok. To get the full ‘takeaway’ experience, try serving it in a metal takeout container. You’ll barely notice the difference! We’re not going to lie - we may have drooled a bit when we saw Sugar Pink Food’s recipe for Fakeaway Chinese Chicken Balls, Fried Rice and Curry Sauce. This Saturday Night takeaway classic is both cheaper - and healthier for the whole family. You can even get the kids involved by getting them to roll the chicken balls in wholemeal breadcrumbs before they’re baked. We definitely know what we’ll be having for dinner this weekend! Have you and your family been getting creative in the kitchen recently? We’d love to see pictures of all your amazing recipes! Post your pictures in our Facebook community or tag @YourPrestigeKitchen on Instagram.