Five recipes to alleviate food waste for National Clean the Fridge Day

Five recipes to alleviate food waste for National Clean the Fridge Day

6 November 2020

Sunday 15th November is ‘National Clean the Fridge Day’. Here’s some of our favourite recipes which help alleviate food waste while tasting great.
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As an eco conscious company, food waste is often at the forefront of our minds. We’re big supporters of the growing ‘root to shoot’ movement — a type of cooking particularly popular amongst chefs that aims to eliminate vegetable waste. That’s why, ahead of National Clean the Fridge Day on Sunday 15th November, we’ve put together a list of five fabulous use-it-all recipes to get you thinking about becoming a waste-free foodie.

A lot of great cooking starts with high quality stock — but have you ever made your own? This zero waste veggie stock uses vegetable peelings to add robust depth of flavour to this homemade stock. The great thing about it is that you can chuck whatever veggie offcuts you have in there, and it can subsequently be used in anything from gravies and soups to stews. Using a cook-and-strain saucepan can make the whole process easier by eliminating the need to sieve the liquid. Cook with it straight away or freeze it for up to three months.

Started baking sourdough during lockdown? Then you’ll know that every time you bake, you have to halve your starter. If you’ve made a loaf but still have excess discard, don’t throw it away! Use it to make these ultra simple crackers. Though the recipe doesn’t say so, these need a bit of space in the oven, as overcrowding doesn’t let them cook evenly, so make sure you have two non-stick baking trays to hand. They’re ready in about half an hour from start to finish, and the buttery saltiness combines with the tangy sourdough starter to make them taste almost cheesy.

Queen of veggie cooking Anna Jones knows a thing or two about rescuing oft-wasted food, too. These roasted roots are brought to life with a divine, grass green pesto made from beetroot and carrot tops that have been blitzed with roasted garlic and lemon.

This delicious mash-topped pie is a bit like a vegan take on shepherd’s pie. It uses skin-on potatoes and carrots and every last bit of the broccoli for a nourishing no-waste November meal.

Fancy dessert? Jamie Oliver’s ‘leftover affogato’ is one to try if you’re cutting down on waste but still want something sweet. Take any leftover pudding, from birthday cake to chocolate mousse, and top it with vanilla ice cream and a shot of coffee. It’s a surefire crowd pleaser, and one they’ll never know was part of a fridge clean-up mission.

Of course, cooking ‘root to shoot’ is just one way to reduce food waste. Top chefs recommend shopping little and often, though that’s hardly a practical option for family life. The best thing busy families can do is make meal plans, and become good friends with the freezer; batch cooking is a great way of cutting down on what you throw away, and it’s good to know you’ve always got a stash of favourite meals to fall back on.

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