Fresh Green Risotto

Fresh Green Risotto

16 March 2021

Introducing a fresh green risotto, a delicious and vibrant dish that is perfect for spring and summer. This risotto is bursting with the fresh flavours of asparagus, beans, peas, and spinach, and finished off with a zing of lemon juice and grated parmesan. The creamy Arborio rice is cooked with a combination of white wine and simmering vegetable stock, resulting in a luxurious texture that is comforting and satisfying. This vegetarian dish is easy to make and perfect for a light lunch or dinner. Let's get started!





Preparation Time


Cooking Time



1 pint vegetable stock

2tbsp vegetable oil

2 garlic cloves crushed

230g risotto rice

300ml dry white wine

100g broad beads

100g garden peas

150g spinach chopped

200g asparagus

3tsp lemon juice

40g Parmesan grated

salt and pepper

pea shoots to garnish

Recipe Guide


1Warm your stock in a saucepan and keep it simmering gently. Add the asparagus to the simmering stock for 2 minutes before removing with a slotted spoon. Set these aside

2 Heat oil in your frying pan. Add crushed garlic and rice and stir until the rice is fully coated in oil

3 Add wine to the stock, then add a ladleful of the simmering mix to the rice. Stir continuously. Once the liquid has been absorbed add another ladleful. Continue this process a ladle at a time and cook the risotto for around 20 minutes. Leave around 200ml of stock in your saucepan

4 Add the beans, peas, chopped spinach and lemon juice to the risotto with another ladle of stock and continue to stir. Add more stock now if necessary. Add parmesan

5 Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve while hot topped with grated parmesan and pea shoots.