How to Hide Veggies in Your Christmas Treats

How to Hide Veggies in Your Christmas Treats

4 December 2019

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It’s hard to get the kids to eat their veggies at the best of times, but at Christmas, this can feel like an impossible task. Use these recipes to sneak a few veggies into your Christmas menu which kids and fussy eaters will love!

How To Hide Veggies In Your Christmas Treats

It’s hard to get the kids to eat their veggies at the best of times, but at Christmas this can feel like an impossible task. In a child’s mind, Christmas means ‘treat time’ ALL of the time, and vegetables are the last item on the Christmas wish list.

Here are some innovative ways to sneak some nutrition into the kids’ diets this Christmas. These are also perfect for grown up fussy eaters too!

Sprouts CAN Be A Treat!

Brussels sprouts are the real black sheep of a Christmas plate, somehow always there and yet avoided by all. However, a few extra ingredients and thinking beyond soggy boiled sprouts can reframe them as something of a treat.

Jamie Oliver’s recipe for sprouts pairs the dreaded greens with plenty of bacon and chestnuts, fried up in rich butter.

Sprout haters won’t be able to deny this cheesy sprout gratin, which serves up sprouts in a creamy cheese sauce, topped with a crispy coating of breadcrumbs and hazelnuts. Take the casserole out of the oven just before plate up time and the fussiest eater won’t be able to deny that bubbling cheese! ,

Hidden Vegetable Sides

These spiced vegetable croquettes can work as either a side dish or a finger food party treat. These clever creations are packed with broccoli, mushrooms and carrots ‘disguised’ by mashed potato and spicy flavours.

If you’re including the increasingly popular side of mac and cheese at this year’s Christmas dinner, try this hidden veggies version which sneaks in a couple of courgettes. Finely grated, the courgette simply adds texture to the creamy sauce, and no-one will be any the wiser...

Vegetables With Flavour

Sometimes it takes reimagining a vegetable to grab the attention of fussy eaters. These parmesan crusted parsnips adds plenty of texture, crunch and flavour to the humble parsnip through a coating of polenta, parmesan and mustard powder. Prepare in a shallow baking tray with plenty of oil for the perfect crisp.

Many make honey roast parsnips for their Christmas plat, but have you tried making candied carrots? Cooking carrots in a butter and brown sugar glaze turns these veggies into a treat!

Festive Desserts (With Hidden Veggies)

Sneaking veggies into your Christmas cake may sound like an unusual move, but this raw courgette and carrot Christmas cake recipe is incredibly moist and moreish. Prepared in a loaf tin, this rich recipe is topped with thick cashew cream sweetened with maple syrup.

If you are whipping up a chocolate cake or yule log recipe this year, you may want to try making a beetroot chocolate cake. Boiled and pureed beetroot adds a richness to your cake, and no-one will guess the secret ingredient! What are your favourite ‘hidden veggies’ recipes? Share them and remember to tag @yourprestigekitchen on Instagram.