How Do I Know When I Should Buy New Pans?

How Do I Know When I Should Buy New Pans?

2 September 2020

Have your pans seen better days? Are you wondering if it’s time to invest in some new ones?
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Have your pans seen better days? Are you wondering if it’s time to invest in some new ones? We put our cookware through a lot. Every day, our pots and pans are used to create delicious meals for our families. And everyone probably has that one pan at the back of their cupboard which has been with them for years. You used it to cook spaghetti bolognese when you were a student, it’s helped out with thousands of Sunday lunches and you know that you can always rely on it to help you create something tasty.

With a bit of love and care, your pans can last a lifetime. But a lot of it depends on how we treat them. In addition to ensuring that they’re properly cleaned, you should also be aware of the tools you’re using when cooking. For best results, always use soft utensils, such as wooden spoons or silicone spatulas. These will ensure that the non-stick surface of your pans doesn’t get scratched or damaged.

However, some signs of damage to your pans shouldn’t be ignored and can even pose a risk. So, how can you tell when you need to invest in new pans?

It’s scratched

If a non-stick pan is scratched, you can usually still use it. Any minor scratching or scuffing will only affect the appearance of the coating and not its non-stick performance. However, if the non-stick coating has started to flake away from the pan and into your food, it’s time to invest in a new one. There’s nothing worse than wondering if the black bits in your omelette are black pepper or Teflon!,

It’s warped

If a pan is heating to an extremely high temperature and then cooled too quickly, there’s a risk of it warping. While you can still use it safely, a wobbly surface may affect the quality of your cooking.

The heat won’t be evenly distributed, so your food may cook unevenly. So if you’re wondering why your stew is half overcooked and half undercooked, this may be why.

It has loose, broken or melted handles

When used regularly, every pan will encounter some wear and tear. But if the handles on yours are loose, broken or melted, then this can pose a serious risk in the kitchen. Not only is there a risk of them falling off, it increases the risk of you spilling and dropping whatever you’re cooking. For safety reasons, it’s best to look into investing in a new set of pans.,

The base is damaged

Most pots and pans have a metal base which helps to ensure even cooking. But, if the pan isn’t cared for properly, this can erode away, causing the transfer of heat to be affected. If you can see the interior of your pot, it’s time to throw it away and invest in some new ones.

Introducing the Prestige Eco Pan range

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