International Women's Day - Q&A with Nadiya Hussain

International Women's Day - Q&A with Nadiya Hussain

8 March 2022

To celebrate international women's day, we're putting a spotlight on our successful & inspiring brand partner Nadiya Hussain. We're excited to share this exclusive Q&A where Nadiya reveals the women who inspire her as well as some great advice for young women. Happy reading!


1. Can you name one or two women who inspire you and why?

My Nani inspires me every day. She is my maternal grandma and has had a caring hand in raising us along with my parents. As a child bride, she has suffered and experienced unimaginable things and still manages to stay strong for us all, the only thing she has given up is cooking but she is happy delegate from the side lines. She embodies strength and resilience, something we can all learn.

2. What is the one piece of advice that you would give to young women?

We all have an instinct and we must never second guess that, always trust your gut.

3. What has been your biggest achievement – both personally and professionally?

Personally raising my children, as they grow the challenges changes and I change and adapt as a mother as they do as children. Professionally, to be able to do a job I love but equally being able to talk and bring light to issues that matter to me. That in itself is a privilege and honour, to be able to do both.

4. What makes you feel empowered as a woman?

Lipstick makes me feel powerful and strong. Rising to the occasion, whether that's taking care of my nephews and nieces in an emergency, cooking for 30 people at short notice or being able to speak and demonstrate a recipe in front of 3000 people. Being able to do all of things make me feel powerful.

5. If you could host a dinner party, which 3 women would you love to cook for? What would you cook?

Michelle Obama, because I adore her and think she would be an amazing guest to feed and talk to. Kate Middleton, because she seems incredibly natural and kind. Erykah Badu, she has wisdom and kindness and a voice like silk.