Introducing our Brand New Non Stick Frying Pan Range - Diamond Shield

Introducing our Brand New Non Stick Frying Pan Range - Diamond Shield

2 August 2019

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We know that keeping the family fed and happy is no easy task. Food shopping bills can quickly mount up, kitchens can get cluttered and weeknights can be a whirlwind of homework, football practice, trying to cook something healthy and keep everywhere tidy. Our stress levels are rising just thinking about it. *Breathe*. We’d like to introduce you to something that could help: the brand new Prestige Diamond Shield Frying Pan - the only pan you need to feed the whole family. Introducing Diamond Shield Frying Pans: Feed the Family in 3 Easy Steps

Why Diamond Shield Frying Pans?

When you’ve got one great pan you can rely on, you can save space in your kitchen and massively cut down on your washing up, making those busy weeknight evenings a little less chaotic.

Super durable, non-stick and easy to clean, our new Diamond Shield collection features added diamond dust for extra strength, so it doesn’t matter if your pan turns into the kids’ new favourite toy.

You’ve heard of five-ingredient cooking, but we’re all about saving you extra time and hassle, so here’s how to feed the family in just three easy steps; with Diamond Shield, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


A Main Course in 3 Steps?

Surely you need more than three ingredients to make a main course for the whole family, right? Not necessarily! Something as simple as fried egg, mushrooms and bacon is a meal, and it makes a filling breakfast, lunch or tea that’s ready in minutes.

It’s fantastic when you can cook a meal all at once in the same pan, but with our Diamond Shield frying pan so easy to clean, you can easily give it a quick wipe around in between cooking stages when you’re making something like steak.

Fry sliced potatoes (you won’t need any oil - another bonus of Diamond Shield’s fab non-stick finish!), leave to cool on a piece of kitchen roll, then fry your steak to however done you like it, then quickly fry some sliced mushrooms and onion for a one-pan meal in three easy steps. Simples.


Treats in 3 Ingredients?

But what about treats? You can serve them up with just three ingredients too! You only need eggs, flour and milk to make pancake batter, and our non-stick coating means you’re guaranteed a satisfying slide onto your plate every time, so you can quickly whip up a whole stack of pancakes.

Use our Kitchen Hacks 3-in-1 Whisk to mix together 100g of plain flour with two beaten eggs and around 300ml of milk, pour into your pan until the surface is covered, then cook for a couple of minutes on each side. Your non-stick pan will help you become a flipping pro in no time!


More Quick 3-Ingredient Recipes!

Keep your store cupboard stocked with staples like chopped tomatoes, eggs, rice, mince and mixed veg at all times, and then you’ll just need to pick up a few extra fresh ingredients every now and again to be able to make these three-ingredient meals in your Diamond Shield frying pan:

  • Steak night: steak, potatoes, mixed veg
  • Easy peasy bolognese: mince, chopped tomatoes, onion
  • Quick breakfast omelette: eggs, spinach, tomato
  • Brunchtime shakshuka: eggs, chopped tomatoes, peppers
  • Filling pancakes: oats, mashed banana, eggs
  • Fakeaway egg fried rice: rice, eggs, mixed veg
  • Vegan curry: chickpeas, curry powder, chopped tomato
  • Fancy-pants meatballs: mince, chopped tomatoes, orzo
  • Jambalaya: prawns, rice, chopped tomatoes
  • Veggie stir fry: tofu, noodles, mixed veg
  • Naked burgers: mince, tomato, red onion
  • Fudge: condensed milk, chocolate chips, vanilla extract

    The possibilities are endless! When you’ve got confidence in your cookware, a few herbs and spices to jazz up your meals and can rope the kids in to shape some meatballs or burger patties, keeping the family fed and happy couldn’t be easier.