Make Batch Cooking Your BFF

Make Batch Cooking Your BFF

6 January 2020

Batch cooking saves time and money. Stock up your fridge with healthy and filling meals this January with these recipe ideas.
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Batch cooking saves time and money. Stock up your fridge with healthy and filling meals with these recipe ideas. The early months of the year always feel like a slog. The days are short and cold, festivities are in the rearview mirror and payday can feel like a century away. One way you can perk up your month is by whipping up some batch cooks.

Batch cooking or freezer cooking will save you time every evening as you simply reheat your pre-cooked meal from the fridge or freezer. Batch cooking is also brilliant for saving money and choosing healthy dishes to have through your weeknights.

Giving Classic Meals a Healthy Spin

If you have a craving for bangers and buttery mash, batch cook these sausage and fennel meatballs with lentils instead. The lentils, mixed with fennel and carrots and cooked in wine and stock makes for a dish which is healthy, filling and flavourful. Instead of chilli con carne, try this vegan beer and bean chilli as an alternative. This spicy dish replaces meat with tender veggies and adds depth to the sauce through the addition of beer. The longer you simmer your chilli in its pan, the more flavour your chilli will have.

Currys are Perfect for Batch Cooking

Currys are perfect for freezer batching, and can be the perfect warming treat to greet you in your fridge after a long January working day. This chicken and peanut butter curry is inspired by West African cooking, mixing chicken thighs and sweet potatoes in a creamy, nutty and mildly spiced peanut butter sauce.

If you fancy a flavoursome vegan dish, this flavoursome creamy coconut lentil curry, flavoured with a base of skillet-toasted spices and a LOT of garlic, this dairy-free midweek meal gets its creaminess from coconut milk. ,

Healthy Batch Soup Recipes

Make a batch of hearty soup on Sunday evening and eat for your lunches throughout the week. This Tuscan white bean soup mixes cannellini beans and vegetables with thick slices of Italian sausage in a light broth.

If you fancy something with a kick, this white chicken chilli soup recipe can be made in 30 minutes, and yields eight hearty portions made with shredded chicken and flavoured with jalapenos and green chillies. Use a large stockpot to make a large batch, freeze and use whenever you fancy a bowl of something light and warming.

Fighting Takeaway Cravings

It may be tempting to order your Friday night dinner on your favourite food delivery app, but with batch cooking you can have healthy takeaway meals living in your freezer which can reach your mouth faster than any delivery driver! Try this sticky sesame popcorn chicken recipe by Mob Kitchen, which uses chicken thighs for a healthy alternative to those sweet and sour chicken balls you love to get on the side of your Chinese order.

Love a kebab? Prepare a goat shoulder in a roasting rack and freeze the shredded meat so you can easily put together these delicious and lean pulled goat kebabs with coriander dressing. Goat is a trendy and high protein alternative to lamb with a knock-out flavour when roasted slowly.

Use One Ingredient in Multiple Dishes

A well-planned batch cook means you can make one central ingredient stretch a long way. For example, a pack of sausages can make batches of both a creamy sausage and triple mustard casserole and a tomato-based sausage and root veg hotpot. Adding this level of variety means you will never get bored of your weekday meals while still looking after your budget by stretching your more costly ingredients. Got some brilliant batch cooking tips and ideas to share? Remember to tag us on Instagram using our handle @Yourprestigekitchen