Pressure Cooker Christmas Pudding

Pressure Cooker Christmas Pudding

07 December 2019

This spiced Christmas pudding is the perfect dessert to end your Christmas feast with and using a pressure cooker to create your traditional pud makes the cooking process so much faster! Cater to your favourite flavours by varying the mixed fruit, spices and alcohol. Learn how to steam a Christmas pudding and how to store Christmas pudding for the perfect Christmas dessert with this simple, yet delicious recipe.
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Preperation Time

10 minutes

Cooking Time

2 hours 25 minutes


1Mix together the dried fruit, nuts, flour, breadcrumbs, sugar, suet, mixed spice and orange zest in a large bowl

2Then stir in the eggs, golden syrup, brandy and enough milk so that the mixture forms a soft clingy dough

3Grease a 1.5 litre pudding bowl, line the base of the bowl, and pour in the Christmas pudding dough

4Cover the bowl with a triple layer of greaseproof paper and secure with some string

5Pour 1.4 litres of water and a squirt of lemon juice into the base of the pressure cooker and bring to the boil

6Add the pudding bowl to the pressure cooker (resting on the trivet), close the lid and steam for 15 minutes

7Then bring up to 12lb pressure and cook for 2 hours

8Release the pressure slowly and open the lid

9Remove the pudding from the bowl, turn upside down, let cool and decorate before serving

10To store your Christmas pudding, leave in the pudding bowl that the pudding was steamed in with a piece of baking parchment and lid over the top. You can also wrap this in clingfilm to keep the bowl sealed and even leave this on when steaming again later. For best results, store the bowl in a cool climate, away from direct heat and light.