Save on utility bills with the Prestige Eco kettle!

Save on utility bills with the Prestige Eco kettle!

2 December 2015

The cost of keeping your house equipped with water, heat and electricity can be astronomical that it’s no wonder most of us get that feeling of dread when a utility letter lands on our door mat.
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A recent Energy Saving Trust (EST) report provides some reasons as to why our water bills seem to cost the earth:

  • Three-quarters of British households overfill their kettles, wasting a total of £68m each year.
  • The average shower lasted seven-and-a-half minutes. A minute less and £215m would be saved.
  • British homes collectively use nine billion litres of water a day with showers using a quarter of that and toilets using 22%.
  • (EST, 2013)

    With figures like that it’s no wonder our water bills are pretty high! However the good news is the report also states it is possible to gain control and save on utility bills, for example filling a kettle to the required amount and washing clothes at 30°C.

    Investing in energy efficient products is another way to save on utility bills. One such product is the Prestige Eco Kettle. The Eco Kettle saves time, money and energy with its impressive energy-saving features:

  • Rapid boil element: for immediate start and stop boiling, saving you energy.
  • A low minimum fill: saving money on your water bill.

  • The Eco kettle is not only for those who value efficiency and cost saving, but for those who appreciate excellent kitchenware design. Available in either black or red, the Eco kettle is stylish, lightweight and the 360° swivel base mean it’s easy to handle, while its filter can be removed and washed for added hygiene. The Eco Kettle has also been awarded a ‘Which? Best Buy’ for best kettle.

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