Celebrating Our Food Heroes For World Humanitarian Day

Celebrating Our Food Heroes For World Humanitarian Day

11 August 2020

It’s World Humanitarian Day on 19th August. To celebrate, we’re highlighting the work of a few of our favourite food heroes.
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August 19th is World Humanitarian Day. This is a day where we commemorate humanitarian personnel and those people who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for all. One way we can start with humanitarian action is via food. Most of us have easy access to food and can eat what we want, when we want it. However, for many, the way they eat can be restricted by income, access or just general food knowledge.

As a trusted cookware brand, Prestige has been helping families in the kitchen for over 80 years. We’re committed to helping you and your family cook delicious and nutritious meals every day. Our new Eco Pan range is the world’s friendliest plant based non-stick cookware and, for each pan we sell, we’ll help TREE AID plant a tree in Africa.

This World Humanitarian Day, we’ll be celebrating some of these food heroes, who help us to think differently about the meals we cook and how we cook them.


Jack Monroe is a food writer, journalist and activist known for campaigning on poverty issues, particularly food poverty. They write recipes for people who are living on extremely tight budgets, including people relying on food banks. Using the simplest, cheapest ingredients available, Jack’s recipes are easy to follow, easy to cook and feature economical ingredients which you can easily find in any supermarket or corner shop. If you’re craving some super quick comfort, try their Microwave Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Jam Brownies.


You probably know Ruby Tandoh from her time on ‘The Great British Bake Off,’ but she’s also a fantastic food writer. She’s talked openly about suffering from an eating disorder in her teens, and her mental health struggles which were alleviated in part by her learning how to bake. Her book, ‘Eat Up,’ is a love letter to comfort food and the power of nourishing yourself in a world which encourages fad diets and bad science, and she’s worked with the eating disorder charity Beat. Her recipe for Harry Styles’s Dutch Baby with Cinnamon Rhubarb is a brunch classic, featuring one of the best pancakes you’ll ever make (and eat.) It’s the perfect excuse to get the frying pan out.


Chef, TV personality and food campaigner - Jamie Oliver does it all. Over the past decade, he's helped to improve the quality of school meals, shown us how to create delicious meals from scratch in fifteen minutes, and established the restaurant chain ‘Fifteen,’ which trains disadvantaged young people on working in the hospitality industry. He’s also worked with a number of other celebrity chefs on the importance of eating sustainable fish, such as sardines, mackerel and coley. If you want to put sustainable fish on your family’s menu, try his (kid approved) recipe for Coley Korma with Fluffy Rice.


Did you know that a third of all the food the UK produces never gets eaten? Or - even more shockingly - the average household bins £700 worth of food a year? River Cottage chef Hugh Fearnley Whttingstall does, and he’s on a mission to change the way we think about waste, by challenging the supermarkets and fast food industry to drastically reduce the amount of waste they generate. He’s worked with initiatives like The Real Junk Food Project to highlight the pressing issue of food waste and how we can all work together to reduce it, one meal at a time. If you’re looking for ways to love your leftovers, try his recipe for Ribollita. This is the perfect recipe to use up all those odds and ends lying around your fridge, making a giant (and comforting) stockpot of soup. Just the thing if you’re wondering what to make the family for dinner this evening! Who’s your food hero?

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