Save Money and Time with a Prestige Pressure Cooker

Save Money and Time with a Prestige Pressure Cooker

21 June 2023

Using a pressure cooker can be daunting to many, however once you have experienced the benefits of using one you’ll never look back.
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You might still be wondering what does a pressure cooker do or what to cook in a pressure cooker...but not to worry! There are a number of ways you can take advantage of using a pressure cooker, from cooking hearty one pot meals such as soups, stews and casseroles to cooking vegetables, fish, beans and pulses, whilst saving money at the same time. We’ve looked at three ways that pressure cookers can help save you time in the kitchen, but also money too.


Energy Efficient Cooking

Using a pressure cooker saves energy when cooking and it's all to do with how a pressure cooker works. Cooking ingredients in a pressure cooker takes less than a third of the time of cooking compared to cooking with other appliances such as the oven or open top pans on the hob. This is due to the concentrated pressure of the steam produced by the water added to the bottom of the pressure cooker. This method not only locks in moisture, flavour, nutrients and minerals but also increases the speed of the cooking process. The quick cooking time means less energy is used, resulting in lower energy costs. So, what is a pressure cooker used for? Most ingredients can be cooked in a pressure cooker so you can add all of the ingredients of your meal into one pot. This means no use of additional appliances such as the oven.

For example, you can cook fish and vegetables together in the pressure cooker by placing the fish on the tray provided inside the Prestige Pressure Cooker, and the veggies in the water at the bottom of the pan.,

Buy Cheaper Ingredients

Due to how the pressure cooker actually cooks the food, you can buy cheaper cuts of meat which are tenderised throughout the process in a third of the time it would take in a slow cooker. Because the pressure cooker doesn’t release any steam from the pot, none of the flavour is lost due to evaporation.

Canned beans and pulses can be cheap to buy, however buying them dried means you can add them into a pressure cooker without the hassle of having to cook them. Unprepared, uncanned beans are a lot cheaper to buy and taste just as good, and even better when cooked in a pressure cooker. All you have to remember is to thoroughly rinse lentils, pulses and rice!,

Save Water

Pressure cookers use much less water than needed in slow cookers or boiling water on the hob, the more you use your pressure cooker the more water you will save, in turn. Compared to ordinary cooking, you save water, save the energy to heat all the water to boiling point and save considerable energy in cooking time. With all of the benefits of cooking with a pressure cooker, this handy appliance is worth every penny. A Prestige Pressure Cooker can last over 25-years with a little tender love and care along the way. You can also enjoy a lifetime guarantee with Prestige.

Shop our range of pressure cookers here (including cookers suitable for induction hobs) and visit the Prestige blog hub for lots of delicious pressure cooker recipes and one pot meals. You can also find cooking inspo over on our Instagram and Facebook channels.