A Magical Evening of Baking Delights: Unveiling the Disney Mickey & Friends inspired Prestige Collection

A Magical Evening of Baking Delights: Unveiling the Disney Mickey & Friends inspired Prestige Collection

3 October 2023

We are thrilled to share the highlights of a truly unforgettable launch event that recently took place at the iconic Big London Bake venue!

This remarkable evening was dedicated to celebrating the grand unveiling of our latest Prestige collection: Disney Mickey and Friends™ Inspired Bakeware, a sensational collaboration with Disney. The event was nothing short of magical, immersing guests in the wonderful world of baking creativity.

A Night to Remember:

The heart of the evening beat with excitement as guests, from press to influencers, gathered to participate in the grand unveiling of the Mickey & Friends Inspired Prestige Collection.

Disney cake scaping demonstration

The positive feedback and genuine enthusiasm for our new bakeware warmed our hearts, reaffirming our shared commitment to quality and innovation.

Exclusive Cake Scaping Class:

One of the evening's highlights was an exclusive cake scaping class led by the incredibly talented Baker, Juliet Sear. As we delved into the art of cake scaping, it was an absolute joy to witness creativity come to life. With Juliet's guidance, guests transformed simple Mickey shaped cakes into botanical works of art, sculpting characters from the beloved Mickey & Friends with edible flowers. It was truly a magical experience that left everyone in awe of all the creativity!

Disney cake

The Mickey Shaped Cake Tin:

The star of the show, our brand-new Mickey Shaped Cake tin, played a pivotal role in creating these delectable masterpieces. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this bakeware proved to be the perfect canvas for bringing Disney magic to life in the form of delicious cakes. The tin's iconic design captured the essence of Mickey Mouse, making every creation not just a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

Versatility of the Prestige Collection:

Our Disney Mickey and Friends™ Inspired Bakeware Prestige Collection extends beyond the cake tin, featuring a wide range of essential bakeware items like baking trays, roasters, oven trays, roasting trays, cake trays and the most adorable Mickey and Friends inspired shaped cookie cutters. These high-quality pieces are designed to elevate your baking experience, whether you're crafting cookies, pastries, or cakes. With the Prestige Collection, you have everything you need to turn your kitchen into a magical bakery.

Disney Bakeware Collection

What's Next:

As we reflect on this exciting evening, we are filled with excitement about the journey ahead with Disney. Stay tuned for more thrilling news and exciting developments as we continue to explore the boundless possibilities of the Mickey & Friends Inspired Prestige Collection. There are undoubtedly many more moments of baking magic and creative inspiration waiting to be shared with all of you.

Disney Bakeware Launch event

Disney Cake Tin