What to give up for Lent (with ideas for alternatives)

What to give up for Lent (with ideas for alternatives)

27 January 2021

What are you giving up for lent? Are you going on a health kick until Easter? Or just cutting back on those sugary sweets?
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After a poll on our Instagram page we’ve taken your top 5 things to go without for Lent and given you some inspiration for workarounds! The next few weeks could be difficult for some of you; giving up some of your favourite things is going to mean discipline! But there are some great alternatives to keep your hunger at bay.


So you’re giving up Chocolate…

You’re so brave! Giving up chocolate for lent is a biggie but don’t worry we’ve got your back. A sweet, warming pudding will melt any thoughts of chocolate away. Or give those snack searching hands something to grab with handfuls of sweet and indulgent homemade buttered popcorn – you’ll never go back to store bought again!

Sweet Popcorn

Pressure Cooker Syrup Pudding


No more carbs…

Put the bread out of sight, no more crumpets and say goodbye to pasta…. But what does that leave?! There are still some tasty and filling meals to make, minus carbs, over the next few weeks. Eggs may well become your new best friend with plenty of recipes to replace those rounds of toast and sandwiches. Making sure you’re keeping to a balanced diet throughout, here are some recipes to help you out.

15 Minute Recipes - Spanish Omelette

Vegetarian Frittata


Taking Meatless Mondays to a new level…

Maybe you’ve found success cutting meat out of your diet on the odd day a week, so now you’d like to challenge yourself to go the whole lent period without.  It’s a big challenge, especially if meat usually plays the leading role in your meals. Have no fear though, there’s plenty of meat alternative that are just as satisfying and full of flavour. Our Boston Baked Beans will make you forget you’re not eating meat with their rich smoky taste that’ll take you back to BBQ season. Or maybe for something lighter, but just as tasty, a Risotto with chunky pieces of squash to get your teeth into.

Veggie 'Boston Baked' Beans

Butternut Squash & Chilli Risotto


Giving up that snooze button…

So many of you are aiming for a better lifestyle out of the kitchen too. The mornings offer a chance to get more from the day and feel better for it. Giving up the snooze button requires real motivation though, especially on the cold winter mornings, so what better way to motivate than a good breakfast. The first is a good old British classic. You might know exactly what you want from your Full English, but we’ve created a recipe to help you take it to a new level. And remember, with a great non-stick pan you barely need to use any fat to fry up your bacon, sausages and even your egg!

Our second recipe is one for when you’re feeling a little more creative – Shakshuka is a classic Middle Eastern dish combining a rich spiced tomato sauce with perfectly baked eggs. Definitely something you’ll want to jump out of bed for!

The Great British Brekkie



If you missed our Instagram poll then let us know what you’re giving up for lent in the comments. Make sure you share your cooks and bakes with us over on our social pages too - @YourPrestigeKitchen