5 Delicious Summer Treats The Whole Family Will Enjoy

5 Delicious Summer Treats The Whole Family Will Enjoy

1 July 2022

Summertime means long, warm days spent in the sun, with some sweet treats to enjoy. We’ve gathered our top 5 tasty treat recipes sure to please the whole family.

Bored of baking the same sweet treats year round? Need new summer recipes to freshen up your kitchen? We’ve pulled together 5 of our favourite recipes you can make with your family this summer. 

Summer means warmer weather, longer days and more quality time with the family. With this, we know how hard it can be to keep the kids entertained during the summer. 

Baking is a great way to get everyone together and why not do this whilst making some sweet treats the whole family can enjoy. Here’s 5 of our favourites you should try this summer…

Giant Frying Pan Cookie

There’s chocolate chips, there’s nutella and there’s plenty to go around - what’s not to love! With just 30 minutes cooking time, this recipe is the perfect after dinner sweet treat to share with your family. 

Using our Nadiya Hussain 25cm Cast Iron Skillet means the cookie will stay warm for longer and ensures even cooking throughout. Add your favourite flavour of ice cream and dig in to this more-ish taste sensation.

Get the recipe for a Giant Frying Pan Cookie

Vegan Banana Chocolate Mousse

A healthy chocolate mousse? Count us in! This 5 ingredient recipe is easy to prepare and using our Lock n Lock Eco Glass Containers means your mousse will set in perfect time. 

Healthy definitely does not mean bland with this flavourful treat, and it can be adapted to suit your families tastes, whether it’s fresh fruit, coconut or maybe a little more chocolate. This light and delicious recipe is sure to be a hit with the whole family. 

Get the recipe for Vegan Banana Chocolate Mousse

Easy Blondies

Want to spice up your usual brownies? Consider trying blondies instead. This recipe contains gooey white chocolate and is guaranteed to have you coming back for seconds.

Our Nadiya Hussain 13" x 7" Brownie Tin is ideal for this recipe, the non-stick coating creates a perfectly even bake, everytime. With just a 10 minute preparation time, Blondies are the perfect sweet treat that you can bake with your family in a flash. 

Get the recipe for Easy Blondies

Butterfly Cupcakes 

Let the family get creative with this recipe! It’s all about the decoration for these light and airy sweet treats which are perfect to enjoy as part of a summer picnic.

Using our Nadiya Hussain 12 Cup Muffin Tin will ensure no-stress baking. The non-stick coating makes for easy removal of your cupcakes and less clean up time after, so you can head outside to enjoy the sun. Pretty butterfly cupcakes await! 

Get the recipe for Butterfly Cupcakes

Old-fashioned Flapjacks


You can never go wrong with a classic yet delicious  flapjack. Using the Nadiya Hussain 9" Square Cake Tin, you can create this easy recipe in a flash and get the kids involved.

Made from oozy golden syrup and hearty oats, you can experiment with this time-old recipe to include some of your families favoured flavours. 

There is little better than enjoy a sweet and delicious treat under the summer sun with your family, especially when it has been crafted together. Will you be trying any of these summer recipes? Let us know in the comments. 

Get the recipe for Old-fashioned Flapjacks