How to have a more sustainable kitchen

How to have a more sustainable kitchen

28 May 2021

We’ve got some helpful tips to make our time in the kitchen more eco friendly. Change won’t happen overnight but we’re working hard to do our bit and if we each make small changes we could make a big difference.
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Having launched two sustainable cookware ranges, we’re looking for even more ways to make our time in the kitchen more eco-friendly. Change won’t happen overnight but we’re working hard to do our bit and if we each make small changes we could make a big difference.

At Prestige we’ve made a commitment to doing our bit to enable you to be greener, to cook more efficiently and live more sustainably. Our Eco Kitchen is where you’ll find all our sustainable cookware and kitchenware on our Prestige website, including Eco and Earth ranges.

There are lots of ways to make your cooking more eco-friendly. From the way we shop, to the way we cook, make your kitchen a planet friendly environment. Here are a few ways to create a greener household for you and your family.


Use Eco Friendly Cookware

Using Eco Friendly cookware isn’t just good for your kitchen. It’s also good for the planet. Last year we launched our Eco Cookware range with our unique plant based non-stick inside and out. This year we’re going one step further with our Earth Pan. As with our Eco pans, each piece is PFOA free and Palm oil free, and made up of recycled materials as well as being recyclable themselves, plus our Earth Pan handles are made from recycled plastic, meaning less plastic in our oceans! 


Reuse, recycle

It’s not just our Eco Kitchen ranges that are fully recyclable. So much of what we throw away in the kitchen could be reused.

Food scraps - cheese ends and carrot tops that you’d usually throw away could in fact be saved. Become a greener cook and make your homemade dishes even tastier with these simple tips.

  • Parmesan rinds can be added to stews to help provide a savoury umami flavour.
  • Vegetable greens can be whizzed up with some olive oil and a handful of nuts to make a tasty pesto.
  • Stale bread can be used in salads like Panzanella or added to soup to help bulk it out.

There are so many recipes that make using up leftovers both easy and delicious!

If you really have to throw that food away, think about getting a compost box so you can use them as fertiliser for your garden.


Cook Once, Eat Twice

As well as saving our own time and energy, buying - and cooking - in bulk is also a great way to reduce both waste and our energy usage. Reheating leftovers requires less energy use than creating a meal every day, saving you from having to use more heating power to cook. This can also help you reduce your clean up times and cut down on your water use.

If you’re looking for tasty batch cooking ideas, here's a few of our favourites:


Hang on to Heat

It’s so simple! Covering your pans when you’re cooking really helps when it comes to conserving energy. It also helps to reduce cooking time (and your hobs being splattered with sauce!)

You can also use residual heat when roasting and baking items in the oven - just turn off the oven 10 minutes before the recipe indicates. It should still be warm enough to keep your dish cooking. However, if you’re roasting meat, it’s always advisable to check to see if it’s done before dishing up.


Get rid of plastic

With more and more alternative to single-use plastics out there, it’s easy now to make informed choices that are better for you and better for the planet.

Alongside our Earth Pan on the shelves of Lakeland, you’ll also find eco-friendly products that have those all important green credentials and perform brilliantly. Find beautiful Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps to avoid those tinfoil wrapped butties of your youth.

And now you can swap out cling film, which is both single use and difficult to recycle, for reusable Silicone Stretch Lids.  Making these small changes can add up to make a difference together.


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