Pancake Day for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Pancake Day for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

27 January 2021

Pancake Day is coming up on Tuesday 21st February so it’s time to get planning how you’ll be celebrating. Will you be taking up our challenge of having pancakes with every meal? Here’s some inspiration to help you out.
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Pancake Day 2023 is coming up and although it’s not a public holiday (we definitely think it should be) you can still celebrate throughout the whole day! But why do we celebrate at all? Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is all about using up the rich ingredients in your kitchen such as egg, sugar and milk that are traditionally given up during the Christian fast, Lent. Lent begins the day after Pancake Day, on Ash Wednesday.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be observing Lent to enjoy pancakes though. Our challenge to you is to include pancakes in every meal! Impossible you say? Well actually pancakes are a very versatile food and can be paired with sweet or savoury (or both – maple bacon *drool*). There are also so many types of pancakes, from the classic crepe, fluffy American style, old school drop scones and even the wobbly Japanese style souffle pancake!

It's days like Pancake day that encourage us at Prestige to keep finding innovative ways to make cooking easier, because no one wants a sticking pancake or a soggy mess ruining their day. So if you want to accept our challenge, grab your pans and we’ve got some inspiration here to help you celebrate pancakes in every meal.



Treat yourself to a fancy breakfast. You deserve it after the year we’ve all had! Fluffy American Style pancakes will make up for all the brunch dates you’ve missed, and although they won’t be cooked for you in your favourite brunch spot, making them yourself will make them all the sweeter.

Try this recipe for American Style Blueberry Pancakes for your first meal of the day and get the whole family starting the day off smiling. Pair with our Thermo Smart Frying Pan to know exactly when to let that batter drop!



With so many of us working from home, lunchtime possibilities have never been so plentiful! With access to our whole kitchens, rather than just the office microwave and kettle, we can expand our lunch options and bring a little joy to the working day.

Simply take our Classic Crepes recipe here and fill with ham (or prosciutto if you want to up your foodie game), your favourite cheese, grated or sliced, and even top with a fried egg for an extra element to fill you up. FYI with a great non-stick pan like our new Eco Range you don’t even need oil to fry the egg!



Swap tortilla wraps for classic crepes in your enchiladas this dinner time. Take a simple pancake to a new level with Mexican flavours and of course, plenty cheese.

Transform a delicious homely Mexican recipe such as this Chicken & bean enchiladas recipe with classic crepes to make the perfect Pancake Day family dinner. For this you’ll need a great frying pan plus a oven safe dish like our Easy Release Roasting Tray



Dessert is your time to shine in the kitchen. You’ve spent the day honing your pancake skills ready to impress with this final meal. Try our indulgent Blueberry Sauce Crepes With Honey & Whipped Cream they may look like an adult only dish, but with the addition of a whipped cream smiley face we’re positive the kids will demolish these too.


If you’ve been inspired and have your own recipe ideas for pancake day then share them with us in the comments or tag us in your creations on Instagram @yourprestigekitchen – we’ll be sharing ideas throughout the day.