Top Tips for Embracing Healthy Family Recipes

Top Tips for Embracing Healthy Family Recipes

07 June 2019

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We’ve spent the past 80 years helping families in the kitchen, so we know just how tricky it can be to get kids to eat their greens - and anything else that’s remotely healthy for that matter!

This week (Monday 10th until Friday 14th June) is Healthy Eating Week in the UK, so what better time to get everyone eating more healthy family recipes?

If you’re using the best fresh ingredients you can get your hands on, you won’t be serving up stringy, mushy veg that the kids are only going to turn their noses up at.

Make sure you’ve got decent pans and other cookware bits as well to stop you dishing up food that’s dotted with burnt bits no one wants to eat due to everything getting stuck onto the bottom of your pan.

Prestige cookware is all non-stick, so this won’t be a problem, and your washing up will be a whole lot easier too!

Here are our top tips for embracing more healthy family recipes:

Top Tips for Embracing Healthy Family Recipes

Introduce More Meat-Free Meals

We’re all hearing lots about how we should be eating more meat-free meals, as it’d be better for us and for the planet, so this is a great place to start introducing the whole family to new healthy, tasty dishes.

Lots of people join in with meat-free Monday, but why not try to eat veggie or pescatarian meals half the week for a few weeks to see how you get on? You never know, everyone could end up enjoying the meat-free meals more!


If the whole family loves risotto, leave out your usual chicken and cook up our salmon risotto with courgette and lemon, which you can make in a flash in one of our pressure cookers. If you want to steer clear of fish as well, our butternut squash and chilli risotto would be a great alternative with a real kick.

You can be clever with how you can still include the flavours of meat in your meals too. If your family loves the smoky taste of bacon, replicate that with smoked paprika and black treacle in our veggie Boston baked beans recipe. Use one of our non-stick saucepans, and you don’t need to worry about how sticky that treacle is - washing up will still be a breeze!


Be Mindful of Balance

The average kid doesn’t need to diet, but it’s still important to be mindful of just how much sugar, carbs and fat the whole family is eating. Children don’t need to know you’re thinking about this, but you can help them to have a healthy relationship with food by showing them how to enjoy a balanced diet.

Try to make filling protein and fresh fruit and veg a bigger part of their meals than carbs and foods with a high fat content, and encourage them to go for snacks like carrot sticks or slices of cooked chicken breast instead of chocolate or crisps.


Ditch pasta and curry sauces in jars too, as these can be packed full of hidden sugar and salt. Something like our easy avocado spaghetti is a fab alternative, as the sauce is gorgeously creamy but full of goodness.

For a snack full of filling power, a slice of our vegetable frittata would be perfect. Make it in one of our non-stick frying pans, and it’ll slide straight from the hob to your plate - it's also a great way to use up any leftover veg that’s rattling around your fridge, helping you to reduce food waste too.


Try Out Healthier Desserts

You don’t have to serve up a dessert after every single meal, but if the kids are asking for something extra, always go for fresh fruit first.

A slice of cake every now and again won’t do any harm - everything in moderation, remember - but if you feel they deserve more of a treat than fruit, something like our no-churn avocado ice cream or vegan banana and chocolate mousse would be much healthier than shop-bought ice cream.

With the right cookware, you can take on any recipe and keep the whole family healthy, happy and full. Shop our full collection here.