no pressure cooking with Stacey

Stacey Solomon has teamed up with us to show you how to cook naturally in a third of the time, keeping all of the nutrition and flavour in – no pressure!

“It's just so easy and super quick too!”

Stacey Solomon - Presenter & TV Personality

Stacey shares her series of exclusive recipes, perfect for time-pressured, busy households, she demonstrates how pressure cookers cooks meals in a third of the time, retaining all the nutrients and vitamins, making meals taste even better!





Pressure cookers are my new best friend!

Prestige cookware has remained a British family favourite brand for 80 years and has pioneered the evolution of pressure cookers. We have teamed up with Stacey to launch a new collection of 12 Prestige Pressure Cookers to supplement our existing range, where prices start from just £32.

I’ll be showing busy people everywhere that pressure cookers are no longer scary. They are your new best friend in the kitchen because they cook everything more quickly, from your spag bol staples to more exotic dishes. They use water to work, and what could be more natural than that? They also keep all the nutrients and taste in. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Prestige to showcase pressure cookers for the modern family and my exclusive recipes.

Stacey Solomon

From succulent stews to the tenderest ribs you’ve ever tasted. Feed the whole family in double-quick time.

The Smart Plus 6L Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Save time & energy • Healthier • retains nutrients • one pot cooking

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